12 Types of Couple Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

You reveal so much about yourself through your everyday mannerisms, the way you dress, even the flourish of your signature can show your true nature. Couples also have a distinct personality, a style that knowingly or unknowingly, expresses itself to the world.

This can be shown by your level of public displays of affection, how you speak to one another, and how you treat each other. However, there is another and a more intimate sign of a couple's stability and that’s in the bedroom.  

Your couple sleep positions meaning can be quite revealing because your subconscious comes forth, there’s no ego, no cultural reservations to keep in check, just two people, sleeping together, comfortable and happy. 

Take note of how you fall asleep and how you wake up, these couple sleeping positions could say a lot about your relationship. Your body language in bed together reveals more than you think. There are 12 main couple sleeping positions, let’s discover which one says the most about your relationship. 

What Couple Sleeping Positions Mean

A couple's sleep position can be a revealing snippet into their relationship. Sleeping in close cuddle positions can denote a happy relationship but for some can be a sign of codependency. Couples who sleep on opposite sides of the bed may be independent but still, have an otherwise healthy relationship.

How Couples Sleep

Couples will find their natural relationship rhythm just as easily as they will find their natural sleep positions. A couple who sleep facing away from each other has built a strong foundation. A couple who sleep all snuggled up can indicate a reignited or new flame. How a couple sleeps can offer revealing insights into the health of the relationship.       

12 Common Couple Sleeping Positions

The Spooning Position

One of the coziest cuddling positions is the spoon. The bigger person (big spoon) will snuggle the smaller person (little spoon) from behind. This comforting and trusting spooning position is considered traditional but favored amongst couples who enjoy active sex life. It may be a sexual position but still very sweet. If the smaller person acts as the big spoon, this is called the jetpack.  

The Loose Spoon

Another of the favored couple sleeping positions, the loose spoon says ‘I love you but I also love good sleep’. Couples who have been together for some time will naturally gravitate from the spoon to the loose spoon. It provides closeness and warmth but gives each person a little breathing room to fall asleep comfortably.  

The Chase

There’s no getting away from this big spoon! They will hunt you down to the other side of the room let alone the other side of the bed. Another variation of the spoon position but the little spoon is being chased to the other side of the bed. If you’re the little spoon, perhaps you enjoy being pursued. If you’re doing the chasing, it could mean you crave a little more intimacy.  

The Tangle

The love fireworks are set to the maximum with this sexy couple sleeping position. Usually, at the beginning of a sexual relationship, the tangle position will be favored as you can’t get enough of each other. If a couple has been together for a significant amount of time and still favors this position, it can denote codependence.    

The Unraveling Knot 

Similar to the tangle but this couple loves a good night’s sleep just as much as a nice snuggle. After 10-20 minutes of the tangle, this couple will depart to their sleep positions for the night. This couples sleeping positions meaning is strong, they are a tight couple but also value their independence. 

The Liberty Lovers

If you’re a couple who are not into cuddle positions but sleep back to back, this is a sign of a solid relationship. You’re secure in your partnership but may not necessarily be the PDA type of couple. This doesn't mean you don't care about each other, you just appreciate your personal sleep space.     

The Back Kissers 

Butts touching as you sleep is also another positive indicator of a strong relationship. Typically a new relationship (under 1 year) sleep position. It says ‘I'm comfy with you’. You enjoy intimacy but also the personal space to be yourself and do your own thing. 

The Nuzzle 

Not the comfiest of sleep positions as one partner is using the other's chest as a pillow! While it is a sweet position it is often a sign of a relationship that has been reignited. It’s a nurturing, protective, and loving sleep position that could denote a trusting partnership.

The Leg Hug 

Couples with opposing sleep positions may opt for the leg hug. If one partner sleeps on their tummy and the other on their back, this leaves little option for contact but to touch feet or tangle the legs. If both want to tangle legs it's a sign of a balanced relationship.

The Space Hog

Sleeping like a starfish in the bed, arms and legs spread out while your partner is squashed to one corner can indicate a selfish starfish or a couple who need a larger bed! If this couple's position results in a lack of sleep for the one being pushed to the side. It's time to work a solution for you both to sleep well. 

The Stomach Snoozers 

Stomach sleepers are born leaders and if a couple both enjoy this sleep position, it could indicate a power struggle between you both. Take care of your back and neck as a stomach sleeper because these are your most vulnerable spots. A couple who sleep on their tummies may need to listen to each other more.  

The Shingle 

This is a comfortable position for both because you’re sleeping on your backs with one resting their head on the other's shoulder. Although it may not be the best sleep position for snorers, it denotes a sense of comfortability and protection in the relationship that is long standing.  

What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

Your sleep position can be a window into your soul and say so much about your unique personality. Back sleepers are rational, have strong personalities, and crave attention. Side sleepers are carefree, open minded, and decisive. Stomach sleepers are natural leaders, appreciate order, planning, and are responsible. Combi sleepers are fun, slightly sensitive, and can be sarcastic.    

How to Comfortably Sleep as a Couple

Comfortably sharing a bed with someone is easily achieved. You don't need to have opposing sleep positions to fit together like jigsaw pieces. All you need is a bed big enough to accommodate your sleep styles. A king bed is a perfect size for a couple as it provides ample space to move around.       


Sharing a bed with your partner can have its ups and downs. Sometimes they will come to bed late and wake you up, sometimes they will snore and disturb your sleep. Sometimes they will be playful and wrestle the covers from you.

The couples sleeping positions meaning are little hints and by no means the only barometer to measure a relationship against. If you treat each other well in your waking life, respect each other, and are helpful and kind. Your sleep position will say just one thing, ‘I’m comfy with my person’. 

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