“The Nolah Signature’s multilayer foam construction conforms closely to sleepers, relieving pressure points.” - Tuck

Comfort Feature
Icon to represent organic cotton cover
Organic Cotton Cover

Soft and moisture-wicking, diamond-pattern organic cotton cover adds cooling, protection, and the feel of luxury.

Support Feature
Icon to represent pressure relieving AirFoam™
Pressure-Relieving AirFoam™

AirFoam™ and high-resilience polyfoam offers deep pressure relief, gentle contouring, and a responsive bounce.

Nolah Signature 12”

$1,799 $1,169

“The Nolah Signature’s multilayer foam construction conforms closely to sleepers, relieving pressure points.”

- Tuck
Say goodbye to pressure points and pain around your spine, hips, shoulders, and other joints. With even more AirFoam™ than the Original, the Signature is our best mattress for pressure relief. This premium mattress perfectly balances plush cushioning with deep support and keeps you cool with its temperature-neutral foam. Meanwhile, the ultra-soft and protective organic cotton cover complements AirFoam's™ breathability and durability.
Say goodbye to pressure points and pain around your spine, hips, shoulders, and other joints. With even more AirFoam™ than the Original, the Signature is our best mattress for pressure relief. This premium mattress perfectly balances plush cushioning with deep support and keeps you cool with its temperature-neutral foam. Meanwhile, the ultra-soft and protective organic cotton cover complements AirFoam's™ breathability and durability.
Organic Cotton Cover

Organic Cotton Cover
This ultra-soft organic cotton cover with a diamond pattern adds a luxurious feel while wicking moisture for extra cooling.

Pressure-Relieving AirFoam™

Pressure-Relieving AirFoam™
Nolah AirFoam™ paired with high-resilience polyfoam offers deep pressure relief, gentle contouring, and a responsive bounce.

  • 12" thick
  • 75% more cooling AirFoam™️ than Nolah Original
  • 4x better pressure relief than memory foam
  • 300% more durable than memory foam
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 2023

The Manual

Best Soft Mattress for Durability 2023

Medical News Today
Best Soft Mattress 2022

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 2023

The Sleep Doctor


  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Free shipping and easy returns
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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Whether you need to replace your mattress alone or need a completely new setup with refreshed accessories, our sleep experts can guide you through the entire process and help you build the bed of your dreams.

We're available 7 days a week, including most holidays.

Nolah Signature 12" Mattress Awards

Expert Reviewed and Validated

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 2023

Self 2023

Best Soft Mattress for Durability

Medical News Today 2023

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

The Sleep Doctor 2023

Top-Rated Mattress Overall

Mattress Advisor 2023

Best Mattress Made in the USA

Sleep Foundation 2023

Best Soft Mattress

Mattress Nerd 2023

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

The Sleep Doctor 2023

Best Mattress for Couples with Neck Pain

Sleepopolis 2023

Our Best Mattress for Pressure Relief

Plush Comfort with Maximum Support


• The Signature features 75 percent more cooling AirFoam™️ than the Nolah Original and comes wrapped in a breathable organic cotton cover.

• Our active response foam (layer three) is the most breathable on the market, increasing refreshing airflow.

• All our foam is 100 percent temperature-neutral and free of harsh, heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals.

Pressure Relief

• Billions of microscopic air bubbles in Nolah AirFoam™ distribute body weight for maximum pressure relief.

• AirFoam™ offers four times less peak pressure on your hips, shoulders, and back than memory foam.

• The Signature's multi-layer design offers full-body support and a plush contouring top layer.


• Nolah AirFoam™ is 300 percent more durable than traditional memory foam.

• High-resilience AirFoam™ foam resists sagging over time, maintaining its firmness and spinal support.

• With 12-inch, five-layer construction, the Signature is built to last and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Premium Quality
Made in the U.S.A.
Cooling Organic Cotton Cover
Plush Contouring Nolah AirFoam™
Ultra-Breathable Active Response Foam
Firm Pressure-Relieving Nolah AirFoam™
Reinforced High-Density Core Foundation
Shadow under mattress layers

Cooling Organic Cotton Cover

For the 12-inch Signature mattress, we chose a premium organic cotton cover. It's soft, cooling, and wicks away moisture while looking lavish with its diamond pattern and classic ivory hue.

Plush Contouring Nolah AirFoam™

A 2.5-inch layer of plush AirFoam™ keeps you cool and gently contours to your body. It cushions your curves without trapping you "in the mattress" like memory foam.

Ultra-Breathable Active Response Foam

Stronger and more durable than memory foam, this 1.5-inch support layer provides a healthy and responsive bounce to keep you sound asleep all night. It's also the most breathable active response foam on the market, letting cool air flow through the mattress.

Firm Pressure-Relieving Nolah AirFoam™

This 1-inch layer of AirFoam™ is firmer than the upper 2.5-inch AirFoam™ comfort layer, bolstering support and enhancing pressure relief. Without tension on your neck, hips, and shoulders, lying in bed will feel like floating on a cloud.

Reinforced High-Density Core Foundation

A 7-inch base reinforces the support and contouring of the upper layers. Crafted with the best high-density foam made in the U.S., the base is breathable, durable, and guaranteed to last for years.
Expert Review
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The Manual

"Provides a perfect spinal alignment for reduced aches and pains."

Icon to represent comfort benefit

Scientifically-Proven Comfort

Lab testing shows that Nolah AirFoam™ dissipates heat 20 percent faster, is 300 percent more durable, and offers four times better pressure relief than memory foam.

Pressure Relief
Icon to represent side sleepers

Loved by Side Sleepers

Designed with side sleepers in mind, the Nolah Signature offers deep pressure relief where side sleepers need it most: shoulders and hips.

Nolah Signature 12” Product Specifications

Dimensions & Weight



38” x 74” x 12”

Twin XL


38” x 80” x 12”



53” x 75” x 12”



60” x 80” x 12”



76” x 80” x 12”

Cal King


72” x 84” x 12”

Split King


(2x) 38”x80”x10”



Construction & Certification

5-Layer Construction

1. Organic Cotton Cover
Soft and breathable protective cover

2. Plush Nolah AirFoam™ (2.5")
A plush version of our patented AirFoam™ for extra cushioning and contouring

3. Ultra-Breathable Active Response Foam (1.5")
A deeply supportive and responsive layer of breathable high-resilience foam

4. Firm Nolah AirFoam™ (1")
A firmer version of our patented AirFoam™ for deep pressure relief

5. High-Density Foam Foundation (7")
High-density foam base for support, stability, and durability

CertiPUR-US® Certified

Foam that feels good and that you can feel good about.
  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

Shipping, Warranty, & Country of Origin


Nolah ships all mattresses for free via FedEx. Our mattresses ship quickly from our U.S. factories straight to your door.


Every Nolah mattress purchase includes our lifetime warranty. As long as your own your Nolah mattress, it's covered.

Country of Origin

Nolah mattresses are made to order. We proudly handcraft every mattress with premium materials at our factories in the U.S.A.

Why Our Customers Love the Nolah Signature 12"

Hear from real customers who have purchased and reviewed a Nolah Signature Mattress.

Best Mattress Ever

It feels like I'm sleeping on a giant marshmallow in the best way; I sink in just the right amount to be supported at all of my pressure points and I can truly relax. With my old mattress I would have a lot of blankets because I tend to be cold but then I would wake up in the middle of the night because I would get too warm, there was no winning. Now with this amazing technology I don't get too hot or too cold and stay asleep through the night. Also, as a caffeine addict, waking up and not feeling tired was something I didn't think was possible but now I wake up significantly less tired than I ever have.
Alexandra Smith  |  Somerset, MA
Verified Buyer

Dreamy mattress!

My significant other and I were both skeptical about buying a mattress online, but we are both very pleased with our Nolah Signature mattress! I wake up feeling well rested and not sore/stiff as with our previous mattress. We use the softer side of this mattress and it is still very supportive. The air foam keeps us cool and comfortable, without too much sinking into the mattress. I wake up less in the night and can’t wait to hop into bed at the end of each day. Great purchase for us.
Jade Gill  |  Owensboro, KY
Verified Buyer

I love you Nolah. No, like for real.

I’m late to joining the foam mattress party, let me tell you I have missed out. My Nolah is the best thing I have ever slept on. I have recently traveled and stayed on some really nice hotel beds and nothing compares to my Nolah. I will never buy another mattress except from this company. Everything about it was great. Good price, fast shipping, easy set up.
Kevin A.  |  Lemont, IL
Verified Buyer

Cannot say enough good things

I am someone who has been suffering w tremendous neck, shoulder, and arm pain for past two years. I've slept on six different mattresses. I was Mattress Firms worst nightmare w returns. I have had a purple prior to all my weird injuries and loved it. This mattress is on a completely different level.
Christopher L.  |  Mary Esther, FL
Verified Buyer

Our Guests don’t want to leave!

Using mattress for guest room for out of town adult children. All 3 boys and their wives loved it. ( at different times😜) Grand children moved TV to bedroom to play video games, so they could lay on the mattress!
Sherie M.  |  Riverview, FL
Verified Buyer

The REAL perfect sleeper!

I felt like I was really taking a chance buying a mattress without trying it out first but the reviews of Nolah were really good, and I hadn't had much luck with mattresses from the store anyhow. So I went ahead and took the plunge. Turned out to be a great decision -- the mattress is perfect for me. I am getting the best sleep I've had in years. It's just the right combination of firmness and give to make me fall asleep fast and stay asleep till the alarm goes off. The pillows that came with it are great too! The mattress was delivered on schedule and was super easy to set up. All in all I had a very positive experience and will buy from Nolah again.
Diane C.  |  Delray Beach, FL
Verified Buyer

We love our Nolah mattress

We are slide sleepers. We received great advice from Ashley on which mattress to purchase. Very friendly and knowledgeable with the product
Jody S.  |  Weston, FL
Verified Buyer

Love this mattress!

I love this mattress. I tend to sleep in a variety of positions, but I'm mostly a side sleeper. I think that with this mattress, I am waking up with less pain and I wake up less during the night and sleep more deeply when I'm asleep.
Christine K.  |  Barboursville, VA
Verified Buyer

Exceeded My Expectations!

Purchased this after trying the Puffy Mattress for 1 year. For one thing my hubby needs a totally different type of mattress than I because of his L4 disc problems. I usually have hip pain after sleeping 6 hour in any bed……both of us are side sleepers. This bed (12”) solved both of our problems! Great job Nolah. Thank you.
Ruth K.  |  Cary, NC
Verified Buyer

Side Sleepers A Must Have this Bed !!!!!!!!

Purchased three beds all saying side sleepers this bed is perfect for NOPE !! So after listening to reviews and reviews I found this company and at first was scared to go thru another bed but let me time you so worth every DOLLAR and the review were 100 percent on key with this bed. I am short person yes over weight and sleep always on my side this bed is a life savor !! I finally sleep with no hip pain not waking up every couple to switch sides its amazing two words !! Love this product mine the 12 inch bed
Carrie B.  |  Sarasota, FL
Verified Buyer

A mattress so nice I bought it twice!

I moved and couldn’t take my old Nolan but loved it so much I bought a new one. Great mattress for a restful sleep, especially for a side sleeper like me.
Ilana R.  |  New York, NY
Verified Buyer

Best Mattress Ever

My husband has a bit of a bad back and a major snoring problem that keeps me up some nights, however since we had the Noah mattress 12" he barely snores anymore and his pain is gone (avg everyday + age pain) I have two bad SI joints from pregnancy (SI joint is the joint that connects the pelvic bone to your hip) and a bad lower lumbar issue in my L4-L5. I am a side sleeper which used to cause a ton of stiffness and pain while I slept that briefly woke me at night so I would change positions. Now however I still have hip pain but if I have to rest in bed it completely comforts me even sitting up on my hips in bed, I can also lay on my back, stomach or either side and I have no problems with additional pain being caused by the mattress which hasn't been the case with the other 6 or 7 that we tried. I am beyond happy with this mattress, they offer affordable extended warranties on top of their generous warranty in house. They even offer a trial period for the mattress with a money back promise so honestly what is there to lose for you?
Nicole H.  |  Ramsey, MN
Verified Buyer

Very comfy. Very happy.

I purchased the Signature 12. I had a memory foam mattress, but started having hip pain and decided it was time to replace. I did ALOT of research and the Nolah looked like it offered the firmness that would work best for me-not hard, not too soft, just right. My hip has not bothered me since the first night I slept on my Nolah mattress. It's really great.
Diane F.  |  Seattle, WA
Verified Buyer

Like Sleeping on a cloud

My husband and I love our new Nolah mattress. All of our pressure points have been relieved and we wake up feeling so rejuvenated.
Renee E.  |  Brevard, NC
Verified Buyer

So comfy

I was a bit hesitant to order a bed in a box and am so happy I did
Keith K.  |  Dallas, TX
Verified Buyer

So Comfortable

My husband and I love our Nolah mattress. We are using the softer side and it is so comfortable for both of us. The buying experience was easy and the representative was so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this bed.
Carole L.  |  Brentwood, CA
Verified Buyer

Beware, you'll never get our of bed, so comfortable!!

hard to get out of bed it's so comfortable, love the product!!
Seth R.  |  Austin, TX
Verified Buyer

Heavenly sleep

We love our Nolah mattress. We sleep so well, often waking in the same position as we fell asleep. No more backaches. And we love the pillows too. The shopping experience was so easy and the mattress came in less than a week.
Donna T.  |  Mcdonald, PA
Verified Buyer

Best of the best

The mattress is firm, yet soft. I like a softer mattress so I was worried that it would be too hard since it has lots of support But WOW it is the best of both worlds. I’m very happy.
Kelly C.  |  Irwin, PA
Verified Buyer

Flipping for Nolah

I'm enjoying restful sleep on the Nolah Signature 12. I chose the 12 because of the different sides, soft and firm. The first night the soft side was fine. The second night I tried the firm and I've been there ever since. I'm impressed with the way it molds to my body. Even though I'll probably stay with the firm, I like having the choice.
Ellen W.  |  Denver, CO
Verified Buyer

Perfectly Soft!!

I'm a side sleeper and bought a competitors brand which proved to just be too firm for me. Then I tried Nolah and it was just what I was searching for. The soft cover let's you feel the foam which is the whole point of getting a foam mattress. I do not overheat and the more responsive air foam makes it easy to change positions. When I climb into this bed it just feels perfect.
Ryan R.  |  Oviedo, FL
Verified Buyer

Dreamy mattress!

My significant other and I were both skeptical about buying a mattress online, but we are both very pleased with our Nolah Signature mattress! I wake up feeling well rested and not sore/stiff as with our previous mattress. We use the softer side of this mattress and it is still very supportive. The air foam keeps us cool and comfortable, without too much sinking into the mattress. I wake up less in the night and can’t wait to hop into bed at the end of each day. Great purchase for us.
Jade G.  |  Owensboro, KY
Verified Buyer

The Ultimate Zzz catcher

We purchased the side sleeper Nolah mattress and so glad we went with this brand. Shopping online was a breeze and the mattress shipped when the company said it would. We can sleep in any position on this mattress and it feels really good. We've tried Sleep Number and love this mattress a lot better. I would say you get what you pay for. Great mattress, great night's sleep and waking up feeling refreshed.
Kim H.  |  Kalamazoo, MI
Verified Buyer

Perfect for Pregnancy

I wish I would have had this mattress during the duration of my entire pregnancy. I can get in and out the bed without waking my spouse and also it’s very comfortable for me as I am currently a side sleeper. No extra pillows needed to enjoy my night rest.
Courtney J.  |  Richmond, VA
Verified Buyer

Best of Soft and Pain Relief

I have tried so many mattresses and have spent so much money trying to find good sleep. I’m in my mid-40s and have arthritis in basically every joint but I refuse to give up hard work outs and exercise. This mattress has changed my life.
Tiffany P.  |  Middletown, DE
Verified Buyer

Has been a true hip saver. Best mattress ever

Fabulous. Very easy. Hip pain for years has gotten so much better after just a few weeks. Sleeping much better.
Dirk S.  |  Phoenix, AZ
Verified Buyer

Just what my aching joints needed!

Falling asleep used to be such a challenge because I couldn't find a position where at least one of my 71-year-old creaky joints didn't hurt. Many nights I would go from our bed to our guest bed and to a recliner in my quest for comfort. Not any more! On my Nolah 12", I rarely experience any pressure point pain, and if something is particularly achy, I may have to shift a tiny bit to get comfortable, and then I'm off to sleep. It is so soft and supportive at the same time. I don't find it to be "cooling" but more temperature-neutral. I found Nolah's customer service to be great too! The mattress was allegedly delivered, but not to my house! Nolah was responsive and sent out a replacement as soon as the shipping company determined that it didn't know what happened to our original shipment. I would recommend this mattress to a any side sleeper.
Diana K.  |  Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Verified Buyer

Miracle mattress!

I bought this mattress hoping for some relief from hip, knee and back pain. I read reviews about this mattress but I had my doubts that it would actually help. But with a money back guarantee I thought I had nothing to lose. The very first night I slept in I had no back or knee pain and my hip is even better than what is was previously ! (I have a labrum tear that I need to have addressed), but no more waking up in pain ! I feel great getting out of bed and I’m so happy I decided to give this mattress a try ! The only regret I have is that I waited so long to buy this!
Rebecca C.  |  Baldwinsville, NY
Verified Buyer

New bed helps skiers back pain

This bed is awesome. After the first night sleeping on it I felt better. I woke up with no low back pain and just a little stiffness. The bed didn’t cure the low back pain but definitely reduced it by 95%. I also love the new pillow. I think that new pillow helped just as much. Less tossing and turning during the night. I’m a skinny, honey side sleeper and I highly recommend this bed if you are too.
Kristina S.  |  Avon, CO
Verified Buyer

Rested Grandma

Very satisfied with the quality and comfort of this mattress. I chose Nolah because it’s a USA company, made here. I have no aches or stiffness after a nights sleep.
MARY A.  |  Lansing, MI
Verified Buyer

Cautious shopper

did all the reviews, and when it was reviewed number one as the coolest to sleep on, Nolah got my attention. Shopping experience was easy, no pressure and without any glitches. It definitely has helped with cooler sleep, waking up refreshed and didn't even know my back was bothering me from my bed not because I was getting older, until I slept on Nolah for a few weeks and began to realize my back felt better not only in the morning, but all day. Still kind of surprises me.
Klaus K.  |  Palestine, TX
Verified Buyer

Like Goldilocks, this one was juuust right

My husband and I were looking for a new bed. We wanted something soft, not too hot, and higher quality at a good price. We tried Novosbed and found their medium bed too hard, and the comfort + to be low quality and unhelpful. Our Nolah mattress has been the perfect softness, bounce, and not too hot. We're happy with our purchase!
Michael C.  |  Dover, DE
Verified Buyer

Cloud-Like Sleep

I love this bed. When I first got it I thought it might be TOO soft. I was wrong! I am a combination sleeper at the beginning of the night but then am an exclusive side sleeper. I have had the bed for a few weeks now and I have absolutely no hip or shoulder soreness. EVER. My partner and I are average sized people (150-160lbs) and feel like this is a great bed. It totally cradles you. It sleeps a little warm (am comparing to Sealy Cocoon Chill which was WAY too hard for me even the soft model) but I also sleep “hot” at baseline. I don’t feel like it’s any hotter than my old spring mattress. I love this bed!
Christina M.  |  Chapel Hill, NC
Verified Buyer

Such good customer service we thought they might tuck us in our first night.

We were looking for a mattress that was good for side sleepers and couples (better motion isolation) and the Nolah mattresses kept appearing in the 'top ten' mattress lists we were finding. We did our research, but we were hesitant to order a mattress online. I contacted customer support with a question, but honestly, we've had such back customer service/supply-chain issues ordering other things this last year, my question was a bit of a test to see how customer service responded. We got a friendly, personalized response back very quickly. So encouraging! I researched further to see which Nolah mattress would be best for us (I weigh 118 pounds, my husband weights 185 and we've both been getting hip...me... and shoulder...him... pain with our old mattress) and as I dug deeper into the Nolah website, I also learned about the positive environmental aspects of selecting a Nolah mattress. SOLD! That tipped the scales and we decided to order one. We got a call from someone at Nolah shortly after. I was certain I was going to hear the delivery was going to be delayed, but it was someone calling to tell us that she is available to answer any more questions or concerns we might have as we wait for our mattress. It was like getting our own mattress buying concierge! The mattress (and two free pillows) arrived on time, we slept on it the first day we got it and just love it. It really could not be more perfect.
Terry J.  |  Albuquerque, NM
Verified Buyer

Nolah Comfort Sleep

The Quality is good. It’s Made In the USA. That gives it 10 Stars right there. It’s comfortable. The shopping experience was fantastic. We bought it on line. Seeing the bed in person after delivery far exceeded our expectations. Customer Service was great. If we were told we would get a call back we did. I would recommend this bed to everyone and shopping with this company. Two free pillows came with this bed. They were instantly comfortable. I can not say enough about this company. In today’s world that is so lacking good customer service Nolah goes overboard to please. ❤️✌️��❤️Mary Jane Buhrke
Mary J.  |  Oxford, FL
Verified Buyer

Best ever

I can’t say enough great things about this company. A friend recommended this mattress and after trying it out I needed to make my purchase. I got the Signature 12 mattress and the platform bed. I had a few questions after my purchase and my call to customer service was superior. Both items arrived within a week of my purchase, well packaged and the easiest bed I’ve ever assembled. The mattress is truly a dream. I’ve always been a very irritable sleeper but I can honestly say this mattress has changed my life.
Victoria R.  |  East Rutherford, NJ
Verified Buyer

Great experience

Great customer service experience, easy to order
Andrew S.  |  Scarborough, ME
Verified Buyer

Great Sleep Starting at Day 1.

Shopping and purchasing experience was easy and hassle free, order arrived quickly and setup was simple.
WILLIAM L.  |  Richmond, KY
Verified Buyer

Customer service is absolute top

I cannot write enough about the wonderful customer service of this company. I love that you have the time to test the mattress, which is solidly made and great quality, at home, to see how it works for your own sleep patterns. I contacted customer service twice for help, and each time they were the most responsive and wonderful to work with and got the issues resolved. A good product makes a good company, great service makes a great company!
Iris G.  |  San Diego, CA
Verified Buyer

Use the Signature on Any Flat Surface

Use your Nolah Signature mattress with any type of bed frame, including box springs, platforms, slatted bases, and adjustable bases. If you use a slatted base or box spring, the space between slats should be no more than 5 inches apart for optimal support.

Illustration for flat platform
Flat Platform
Illustration for slatted base
Slatted Base
Illustration for foundation
Illustration for adjustable bed
Adjustable Bed

Plush Comfort with Supportive Firmness

Slightly softer than the Nolah Original, the Nolah Signature offers gentle contouring and full-body pressure relief while maintaining healthy, spine-aligning support.

Nolah Signature 12"
4-5 (Plush)

Very Soft
Wood Log
Very Hard
4-5 (Plush)

Easy Setup

Setting up your new Nolah mattress is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and takes less than 15 min in most cases.

Step 1: Unbox Nolah
Step 2: Position
Step 3: Unwrap
Step 4: Let Expand
Step 5: Get Busy Dreaming

Why Choose the Signature 12″ Mattress

Twelve inches of contouring, responsive, and supportive foam make a luxurious mattress with deep, pain-free pressure relief.

Keep Cool with Nolah AirFoam™

Sleeps cooler, 4x better pressure relief, 300% more durable than memory foam

Maximum AirFoam™ Benefits

The Nolah Signature 12" packs in even more AirFoam™ than the Nolah Original. AirFoam™ offers best-in-class pressure relief and dissipates heat 20 percent faster than traditional memory foam.

Distributes Weight for Pressure Relief

Billions of microscopic air bubbles reduce pressure on your shoulders, hips, and back

Unbeatable Pressure Relief

Don't spend another morning with aches and pains exacerbated by an unsupportive mattress. The Nolah Signature 12" Mattress features our proprietary AirFoam™, offering four times better pressure relief than memory foam. This mattress gently contours to your curves while aligning and supporting your spine.

Premium Organic Cotton Cover

Natural, unbleached cotton that is moisture-wicking and extra breathable

Soft to the Touch

A premium mattress demands a premium cover, so we wrapped the Signature 12" in a high-end, luxuriously soft organic cotton fabric with an ivory hue. The breathable cover wicks away excess moisture and helps keep you cool and comfortable all night.

300% More Durable

*Compared to Memory Foam

Tough Like No Other

Testing shows that high-resilience Nolah AirFoam™ is 300 percent more durable than high-end memory foam. Unlike memory foam, AirFoam™ resists sagging, and its firmness doesn't fluctuate with temperature changes.
Maximum AirFoam™ Benefits
Unbeatable Pressure Relief
Soft to the Touch
Tough Like No Other
Clouds Night time sky Night time sky on mobile

Try Nolah for 120 Nights

In a mattress store, you get five minutes. With Nolah, you get 120 nights in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t love your Nolah mattress, we’ll send a driver to pick it up and donate it to a local charity.

Pay Monthly. Sleep Deep.

We've partnered with Affirm to offer monthly payments for as low as 0% APR and up to 36 months payment plans.

Accident Protection

Drops, spills, scratches, and fluids—life happens. We’re here with comprehensive coverage that protects your mattress for the long haul.

What Experts Say

The quotes below reflect product tests conducted by third-party experts and affiliate partners. Reviewers were proudly shipped free products and may receive other compensation.
Mattress Advisor logo

The Nolah Signature received a nearly perfect score in pressure relief

The Nolah Signature is a mattress perfect for combination sleepers. The pressure relieving layers of the Nolah mattress ensures that you won’t wake up with hip or shoulder aches and pains.
Sleepopolis logo

The Nolah Signature is very comfortable and supportive.

The Signature uses proprietary AirFoam™ and high density poly foam to achieve a soft yet supportive feel. It's a great bed for those after cushioning and pressure relief.
Sleep foundation logo

Provides excellent cushion for a side sleepers’ pressure points.

We rolled around on the Nolah Signature 12 and barely felt each other’s movements, thanks to the excellent motion absorption on the foam surface. The bed felt especially comfortable for side sleepers.

What Customers Say

After testing 3 other mattress, we finally found our Goldilocks mattress!

As a former mountain bike racer who has separated both shoulders, and is a side sleeper, my mattresses have often made my shoulder pain worse throughout the night. We've tried Saatva, Dreamcloud, and a couple amazon mattress options to no avail. We read on a blog that the Nolah mattress was great for side sleepers and shoulder pain. It's AMAZING! It has the softness for my shoulders but also the support for your back throughout the night. I wish we would have just started with the Nolah mattress before having to try and return all the others.

Easy Sleepin'

We're liking our new king size Nolah mattress just fine. Navigating the site, and ordering were both easy to do. I loved the cut-away view of all the layers in the all foam mattress. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it because my hips were so beaten up from my old bed. I'm feeling much better now, and have even slept through the night a few times. I've noticed that my hubby is sleeping later in the mornings, too. Thanks for offering this cozy mattress.

Great sleeping experience

No more back aches in the AM Excellent comfort

Happy to be sleeping again

All really good

Great Mattress! Love it!

The mattress is just brilliant! It’s very supportive and sleeps very “cool,” which is quite desirable for “hot” sleepers. I was very pleasantly surprised by how responsively supportive it is, overall. I’m a side sleeper much of the time, but sometimes not. This mattress for me is perfect for side, back, or prone sleeping. This is the queen size iteration. Had purchased the full for my daughter not quite a year prior. After sleeping on that bed, I realised Nolah was onto something very good! Couldn’t not get one for the new Brit made four poster bed frame! Glad I did! The Nolah material is unique: Other mattresses made of similar materials always seemed too mushy — a tendency one’s body to sink into the path of least resistance. The Nolah material doesn’t do that at all. It simply “conforms,” and that facilitates the support and comfort that brings a restful night’s sleep. Couldn’t be happier with my Nolah purchases! And, their pillows do the job, as well!

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