How to Keep Cool on a Memory Foam Mattress: 5 Tricks for Better Sleep

If you’re a memory foam enthusiast, you may share the same grievance that many memory foam fans have. Why are memory foam mattresses so hot? Although they can be squishy and mold to your body at first, the viscoelastic chemicals in the memory foam trap your body (and your body heat)  creating a hot and uncomfortable bed. 

Most memory foam mattresses are not breathable like other more advanced mattresses on the market. But there is hope that you can turn a hot memory foam mattress into a cool and cozy sleep environment with these simple tricks.

5 Simple Tricks on How to Keep Cool on a Memory Foam Mattress 

  1. Make space under your bed.
  2. Allow fresh air into your bedroom.
  3. Change your sheets and covers to a more breathable fabric such as bamboo or linen. 
  4. Stay hydrated during the day. 
  5. Consider upgrading your mattress if you’re uncomfortable and not sleeping well.  

Create Space for Air to Flow Freely Underneath Your Mattress

What’s going on under your bed? Is it a hiding place or for storage? Chances are, if you have space under your bed it’s going to be occupied by; shoes, books, or cats! The only thing you want gathering under your bed is dust bunnies. Although memory foam mattresses retain heat, give your mattress a fighting chance by clearing the clutter under your bed to provide much-needed ventilation to your mattress. Even air cooled memory foam needs room to breathe, so clear the clutter from under your bed and allow the air to move freely. If your bed base doesn’t permit this, such as Divan Bases, at least lift the mattress and leave it on its side to air out on occasion. A good time to do this is when you’re changing the sheets.  

Keep Your Bedroom Fresh

For the most comfortable sleep possible, you want to turn your bedroom into a green meadow on a warm spring day, just kidding. It doesn’t take such drastic measures to turn your bedroom into a sleep haven, neither does it take the best cooling mattress you can find. Learning how to stay cool at night starts with climate control. According to the American Sleep Association, the optimal bedroom temperature for a restful sleep is 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps to keep a stable body temperature all night. If possible, an open window can provide great comfort to a stuffy room. Letting fresh air into your room at any time of day keeps your bedroom fresh as a daisy. Another option could be a simple fan set on a low speed that can help circulate the air around your mattress, keeping you cool too.

Try Breathable Bed Covers

If you consider memory foam hot, invest in blankets that keep you cool at night. Sometimes a sheet may be enough when you get into bed but when the temperature drops during the night you’ll wake from the cold. Blankets made from cooling fibers such as organic cotton and linen are a good choice for those who sleep hot. The higher the thread count the more luxurious, fresh, and cooling the bedding will be. For instance, bamboo bed sheets could provide a little relief if your memory foam mattress sleeps hot.

Stay Hydrated Before Going to Bed

If you can avoid eating two hours before bed, especially salty snacks, this could help you avoid that night time glass of water before bed. Some recommend keeping a glass of water by the bed when sleeping on a memory foam mattress. This gives you something to sip on during the night but it may not be ideal. Who wants to get out of bed numerous times to use the bathroom?  Stay hydrated during the day by keeping a bottle of water at your desk, in your car, wherever you spend a lot of time. Get into the habit of sipping water throughout the day. Drinking fresh water every day is a healthy habit, so ditch the soda and reach for the H2o. That way you’ll have plenty of water reserves to see you through the night, without those pitch-black trips to the bathroom!  

Consider Changing Your Mattress

If you’ve tried everything and you still sweat from the memory foam hot climate, it may be time to invest in your sleep health with a new mattress. Our mattress buying guide will help you discover if a new mattress is the right decision for you. With modern advances in mattress technology, it’s possible to kick that memory foam mattress out of your life (along with those soda bottles) and find a mattress that offers cooling comfort as well as superior pressure relief.   

Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses So Hot? 

A memory foam mattress typically sleeps hot due to the viscoelastic chemicals used to produce the foam. So there will always be some level of heat in most memory foam mattresses. If you’re sensitive to the heat-trapping nature of most memory foam mattresses. Allow these 5 tricks to offer some comfort. Alternatively, consider investing in a more advanced mattress material such as AirFoam™for superior pressure relief, cooling comfort, and a lengthy, durable lifespan.      

Which Memory Foam Mattress Is the Coolest? 

There are gel memory foam mattresses available that have added cooling gels that could ease the discomfort of heat retention. However, this is merely adding chemicals on top of chemicals and may not be viable for those who seek a more natural sleep solution. 


Memory foam mattresses have been around for a long time and enjoyed by many. If your memory foam mattress is sleeping hot;

  • Make space under your bed to allow air to circulate
  • Let fresh air into your bedroom every day, even if only for a few minutes
  • Use breathable cotton or linen sheets and bedding
  • Stay hydrated during the day so your water reserves will keep you cool during the night
  • Consider upgrading to an AirFoam™ mattress  

If you find that memory foam is not the most comfortable mattress for you and you’ve tried everything to sleep cooler. Consider an AirFoam™ mattress that’s made without memory foam and heat-trapping chemicals. 

A quality breathable mattress is an investment in your sleep health. When sleep is undisturbed, your days are filled with happiness, energy, and enthusiasm. 

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