What Type of Bed Sheets Should I Use?

A quality sheet set makes your bed an inviting and comfortable sleep space. You can switch up your bedroom style easily with the wealth of fabrics and colors available. When shopping for new sheets it is easy to become confused with the thread count, weaves, and sizes. Let’s discover the best type of bed sheets for your needs.   

Egyptian Cotton can feel like silk and are luxurious high thread count bedding

What Is the Most Common Type of Bed Sheet?

Cotton Bed Sheets 

Pima cotton is found in tropical and sub-tropical regions and is naturally occurring from G.Barbadense. It produces white fluffy seeds from which long staple cotton fibers are converted into tensile yarn. 100 cotton is widely available and 100% cotton and high thread counts Egyptian Cotton can feel like silk and are luxurious high thread count bedding.   

Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo sheets are made of fibers from the bamboo plant. They are high quality, lightweight, durable, and cooling. Plus, they're hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial. 

Polyester Bed Sheets 

Polyester is a synthetic man-made material that is widely used for clothing, sheets, and other home furnishings. Polyester bedding may not suit hot sleepers as they can retain heat. If you usually feel chilly in bed, polyester bedding may be useful and less prone to wrinkling

Flannel Bed Sheets

Flannel sheets are soft cotton with loose fibers on the surface that feel warm and comfortable. Flannel brushed cotton sheets are perfect for cold climates as they retain heat. The thick and fleecy feel is soft and will keep you warm all night.  

Linen Bed Sheets

Linen is derived from the flax plant and creates linen sheets that are breathable and perfect for hot climates and hot sleepers. Linen sheets come in various thread counts, are widely available, and affordable.    

Microfleece Bed Sheets

Microfleece is a type of polyester but feels like flannel. They retain heat so are great for cold climates and chilly sleepers. Microfleece is a durable, machine washable material that dries easily and is widely available. 

Tencel Bed Sheets

Tencel is a wonderful cotton alternative derived from the cellulose fibers of eucalyptus trees. Tencel is environmentally friendly and made from fast-growing trees. The material is cooling, moisture-wicking, durable, and feels soft to the touch. 

Silk Bed Sheets

Silk sheets are a luxurious choice and made from the fibers created by silkworms. They are great for all seasons and hot sleepers too. Silk sheets absorb less moisture and are a good alternative to polyester if you suffer from dry skin conditions. Silk sheets require special cleaning as the material is not machine washable and the price can be a drawback for many people. But, if willing to take care of them, they are durable and will provide much sleep comfort.  

Modal Bed Sheets 

Modal sheets are constructed from the material derived from the Beach tree. The material is soft yet highly durable, sleeps cool, and comfortable. Modal is similar to silk in the care category as it requires a delicate cleaning cycle on low heat. If mistreated, modal sheets and bedding may rip. 

What Else Should I Look for When Shopping for Sheets?

Thread Count 

When shopping for organic cotton sheets you will come across thread counts. The higher the thread count the better the overall quality and feel of the sheets. Between 300 and 500 thread count should be enough to provide super soft and cozy bedding. 100% cotton will provide an extra long staple premium cotton feel. 


The weight of your sheets refers to their thickness. The thicker the sheets the greater their ability to retain heat and keep you warm. Flannel sheets may be thicker than 100% cotton and silk sheets. Depending on your climate and whether you sleep hot or cold, a medium weight should be ideal to cater for all seasons. 


The most common sheet weave is the percale weave. A crisscross pattern with an even weight of thread across each side. Twill weave gives the appearance of denim fabric and is a strong and durable sheet. Sateen weaves have the look and feel of silk, are luxurious, and smooth. A patterned weave provides a vintage look and is heavier but expensive.  

Types of Sheets


A fitted sheet has elastic sewn into the fabric so it hugs the corners of the mattress.

Flat Sheet

Flat sheets are larger than fitted sheets and can be used on top of a mattress as a fitted sheet. They can also be used under a duvet or comforter so you lay under the flat sheet and duvet when sleeping.  


The beauty of quality sheets is that they have become more widely available and affordable than ever. Many sheet sets that have higher thread counts above 500 are not necessary. Between 300-500 is an ideal thread count. The various colors and styles can easily change your bedroom aesthetic and provide much comfort for cozy nights.

What Types of Sheets are Best?

The best bed sheets feel soft, are durable, comfortable, and affordable. Organic cotton or bamboo cotton blends are super comfy and widely available. Polyester and flannel sheets may not suit hot sleepers as they retain heat so choose breathable cotton, Tencel, silk, or linen sheet set for a cooling sleep.  Also important to consider is all the other types of bedding used.  For example, selecting a duvet vs. comforter or foam pillow vs. feather pillow are important to consider to meet your specific needs.

What Are the Most Comfortable Bed Sheets?

Cooling bed sheets provide a breathable sleep environment and are made of cotton, linen, or silk. A bamboo cotton blend is an affordable breathable mix that is widely available in a range of styles. Depending on whether you sleep hot or are a chilly sleeper, choose a thicker fabric if you sleep cold and a thinner weight fabric if you sleep hot. 

What Kinds of Sheets Do Hotels Use?

Hotels typically use wrinkle resistant bedding that is durable and comfortable. Many premium hotels use white Egyptian cotton bedding of high thread count as it feels silky soft, easy to maintain, and is comfortable for their guests. Coupled with a mattress topper and opulent duck feather pillow, hotel beds usually offer a luxuriously comfortable sleep space.