The World’s Most Expensive Mattresses (How Much They Cost & Why)

What would you buy if you won the lottery? A Lamborghini, a Rembrandt, an Island, or how about a luxurious mattress? Expensive mattress brands prices can range from $3,000-$140,000 but do you need to spend that much for sleep comfort? Let’s find out as we delve into the world of ultra-expensive mattresses. 

What Is a Luxury Mattress?

When looking for the most luxurious mattress, you might be shocked when you see the price tag! Although, a fancy mattress is worth the cost for many because handmade mattress brands are found in some hotels and celebrity homes. A taste of decadence that could cost you up to $140,000. However, a more down to earth mattress price of around $1,000 can be equally comfortable.

The World’s Most Expensive Mattresses: How Much Do They  Cost and What Makes Them so Expensive?

#6 The Regency Collection by Hypnos - $2,000-$6,000

Hypnos beds USA are handmade in Buckinghamshire and available worldwide. Hypnos Regency Collection is made from responsibility sourced wool, bamboo yarn, alpaca, and camel hair. The pocket spring design is handmade and has the Royal seal of approval. An elegant mattress at 11 inches tall.

The Regency Collection by Hypnos

  • Handcrafted with luxurious materials
  • Provides beds to Buckingham Palace
  • Covered with wool and viscose Belgian damask - to ensure a soft and breathable surface for hygienic night’s sleep
  • Sustainable materials throughout 
  • Some issues with durability over a short period of time
  • Costs $2,000-$6,000

#5 The Dux 818 by Duxiana - $12,000

The continuous coil spring design of the Dux 818 on the lower end of the most expensive mattress brands. It features customizable lumbar support up to 1.5 inches. The interchangeable cassettes offer different spring tensions for your body type and sleep style. The 2.5-inch replaceable mattress pad sits on top of this Sweedish designed 20-inch over 10000 dollar mattress.

The Dux 818 by Duxiana

  • Considered better for back pain
  • Assembled in Sweden and Portugal
  • One continuous coil which runs the length of the bed
  • Duxiana operate less than 25 stores and do not offer online purchasing or home delivery
  • Duxiana mattress cost $12,000

#4 The Palais Royal by Kluft - $40,000-$60,000

The coil spring design of Kluft mattresses is hand-stitched in their American factories. The Palais Royal by Kluft is made of layers of Mooseburger horsetail, Joma wool, Talalay latex, and cotton. The patented design is of medium firmness.  

The Palais Royal by Kluft

  • 10 layers of natural materials
  • Medium-firm mattress
  • Traditional innerspring technology
  • Completely customized
  • Kluft mattress prices from $40,000-$60,000 

#3 The Masterpiece Superb by Vi Spring - $41,000-$71,000

The Masterpiece Superb is a three-layer construction of pocket springs, Mooseburger horsetail, Shetland wool, cashmere, alpaca, and silk. It is one of the most expensive mattresses in the world costing the same as a small house! It is adjustable base ready and available in soft, medium, firm, and extra firm.  

 The Masterpiece Superb by Vi Spring

  • Pocket coil springs technology
  • Bespoke mattresses
  • Clean, simple design
  • Lightweight using all-natural materials

#2 The Vividus by Hastens - $140,000

Buying a Vividus mattress is a covert operation, a call to their VIP line and you book your test sleep. After which it takes 45 days for your mattress to be handmade. Looking at the Hastens mattress price list, the Vividus mattress costs an eyewatering $140,000. Many consider the Hasten mattress price reflects the manhours and materials of cotton, horsetail hair, flax, pine, wool, and pocket spring system. Hastens bed pricing might deter most people but those who consider the Swedish mattress expensive may think that rich people beds are not for them, this is untrue, there are affordable and comfortable mattresses available that cost much less than a starter home. 

The Vividus by Hastens

  • Lasts over 45 years
  • Made of layered cotton, wool, mohair and horsehair
  • Crafted in Sweden
  • Bed frame made from redwood pine
  • Multiple layers of handmade comfort 
  • Hastens vividus price $140,000 

#1 The Floating Bed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars - $1.6M

The most expensive bed in the world is an arty piece by a Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars. His floating bed allows you to sleep midair on a black rectangular bed using a magnetic force to elevate you. It’s a futuristic concept that belongs more on a movie set than your bedroom, but if you have $1.6M bringing a hole in your pocket, the Floating Bed can be yours. Just be careful of your electronics around those high powered magnets! 

The Floating Bed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars

  • Visual piece of art/sleep space
  • Sleeping on a cloud
  • Uses magnets to hover approximately 16 inches off the ground
  • Costs a cool $1.6M

Is it Worth Purchasing a Luxury Mattress? 

Expensive brands of mattress are plentiful and despite the fancy mattress materials, most beds follow the same construction of base and comfy layers. Spending $1.6M on the most expensive mattress or bed is inconceivable for most mere mortals but that doesn’t mean comfort can’t be found at an affordable price. 

Pros of luxury mattress: 

  • High-end natural materials
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Durable mattresses
  • Provide a comfortable night’s sleep for years to come

Cons of luxury mattress: 

  • Standard mattresses will still meet expectations without breaking the bank
  • Many standard mattresses include premium features which also enhance your sleep experience
  • Most luxury mattresses brands do not offer online ordering/delivery services
  • Can be quite heavy and difficult to move around

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Nolah AirFoam™ Mattresses vs. High-End Luxury Mattresses 

Nolah Mattress 

Luxury Mattresses 

Affordable luxury starting at $549

Pricey at over $2,000

Made of innovative AirFoam™ 

Coil spring design with layers of wool, cashmere, alpaca, and/or silk

Pressure-relieving and cooling 

Some may not offer total breathability from abundance of layers 

Proven durability  

Questionable lifespan from some brands

Made without memory foam 

Some contain memory foam 

How Long Does a Duxiana Mattress Last?

Duxiana is some of the most pricey mattresses. The Swedish design Duxiana mattress cost $12,000. It comes with a 20-year warranty that covers normal wear and tear of springs during the first 5 years. Repairs and maintenance could be pricey once the warranty ends. With care and regular cleaning, you could get up to 10 years of use.  


The most expensive memory foam mattress can cost over $3,000 while an affordable AirFoam™ mattress offers superior comfort from as little as $549. High end luxury mattresses often include luxurious sounding materials like alpaca and camel hair but are they necessary for a good night’s sleep? 

If you’re after a luxury bed discount, a used hastens bed for sale will set you back around $5,000 excluding shipping. On the other hand, a Savior mattress price goes up to $80,000 which makes the used hastens bed for sale seem like a real bargain. 

The best luxury mattress in the world is pressure relieving, cooling, durable, and affordable. If it costs the price of a small house, that fancy mattress might be overpriced!

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