Posted Sunday 09/24
I’m so excited to be collaborating with Nolah to give back to the community and the earth in a multitude of ways. 

The Wild Bird Fund Donations

First they are going to be donating a portion of sales to one of the more overlooked animals in the hierarchy. Pigeons have been war heroes, messengers, and beloved pets all while playing a vital role in the history of humanity. Donations will be going to a place where I have personally brought injured birds to be rehabilitated, The Wild Bird Fund, located here in NYC.
I'm hoping to raise a lot of money for The Wild Bird Fund, so I've arranged with Nolah to have a special coupon for $100 off their mattresses! To get the $100 off and have them donate $50 to The Wild Bird Fund for every mattress sold use my code JESSICA during checkout.
Check out the mattress here

Hurricane Harvey & Irma Mattress Giveaway 

The second thing that we will be doing together is giving back to the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey (Houston/Texas) and Hurricane Irma (Florida). We will be giving away one free Nolah mattress to a person/family affected by Harvey and another free Nolah mattress to a person/family affected by Irma.
So if you or anyone you know has been hurt by any of these disasters please send me a IG message(@jessmclements), leave a comment on my YouTube, send a carrier pigeon, and let me know so we can give back to the community.
Thanks guys!