5 New Mattress Innovations That Radically Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Sleep health has changed a lot since the disco era ushered in platform heels and memory foam mattresses. Mattress innovations such as AirFoam™ are leading the way in aligning your sleep goals with modern mattress technology. The awareness of sleep quality leading to quality of life is apparent in people making smarter choices with their bedding systems. A potato sack full of straw just won’t cut it anymore, thankfully, we’ve evolved to Airfoam™ mattresses, adjustable bases, and advances in foam technology that bring comfort at affordable prices.  

AirFoam™ is the latest mattress technology that is leading the way in modern sleep systems

5 Mattress Innovations Changing the Way We Sleep 

1. Nolah AirFoam™

AirFoam™ is the latest mattress technology that is leading the way in modern sleep systems. AirFoam™ is a  pneumatic (air-filled) foam made under high pressure and crushed mechanically to blast billions of microscopic air pockets inside the foam. It is 100% temperature neutral, 300% more durable than the most expensive memory foam mattresses, and free from heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals. 

AirFoam™ is:

  • 100% temperature neutral
  • Pressure-relieving, especially on hips and shoulders 
  • Ideal for side and back sleepers
  • Made of breathable materials 

2. Adjustable Beds

An innovative mattress deserves an equally modern base. Adjustable bases are not just for hospital patients. With a weightless zero-g position, built-in massage, dual USB chargers, under bed nightlight, and noiseless German engine, an adjustable base is the epitome of luxury at an affordable price. At the touch of a button, elevate your head and feet to the desired position, sleep like a baby, and wake refreshed and reinvigorated.      

Adjustable beds:

  • Elevate your legs 
  • Relieve back pressure
  • Improve circulation

3. Individually-Wrapped Spring Technology 

In the olden days, everyone slept on a coil spring mattress. Those squeaky beds had a huge bounce factor but the coil springs had a habit of poking out as the mattress aged. Thankfully, coil spring mattresses have been revamped for the modern age. Each spring is now individually wrapped in fabric and topped with memory foam, latex, fabric, or foam. The traditional spring design still allows great air circulation and lots of motion transfer. 

Pocketed spring technology:

  • Made with Individually encased coils
  • Creates a more responsive mattress with plenty of bounce 
  • Choice of toppers: latex, memory foam, fabric, or foam

4. Advanced Cooling Technology

Memory foam mattresses are embracing new mattress technology too with the advancement of cooling infusions like graphite. For example, the Nolah Evolution uses graphite-infused AirFoamICE™, which actively draws heat away from your body as you sleep. A cooler mattress is perfect for those who sleep in hot climates or hot sleepers. 

Advanced cooling mattresses: 

  • Offer Infusions made using gels which could react to body heat
  • Include copper infusions for a cooler sleep 
  • Remain a semi-fluid state when your body temperature is just right
  • Could be more breathable than memory foam alone  

5. All-Natural Mattresses 

In recent years, mattress companies have found better ways to use natural mattress materials and make manufacturing more sustainable. Today, you can buy an all-natural hybrid mattress, like the Nolah Natural, which features Talalay latex, organic cotton, cooling wool, and recycled steel coils. 

Mattress Type Comparisons

Nolah AirFoam™

Affordable, Pressure Relieving, Cooling, Durable 

Adjustable Beds

Affordable, Modern, Durable, Exciting

Individually Pocketed Spring Technology 

Affordable, Bouncy, Breathable, Widely Available 

Advanced Cooling Technology

Modern, Cooling, Widely Available, Can be Pricey

Natural Mattresses 

Modern, Widely Available, Can be Pricey

How to Choose the Right Mattress for your Needs

  • Always stay in budget, never feel pressured to overspend
  • Enjoy a mattress trial from an online retailer to test out the mattress in your home for a minimum 100 nights 
  • Consider the kind of materials and fabrics you find cozy
  • Does the mattress come with any free pillows?
  • Can you easily return the mattress should you change your mind?
  • Does the retailer offer financing options? 
  • What kind of sleeper are you? 


We appreciate it can be a challenge to choose the perfect mattress, which is why we recommend only shopping with an online retailer who offers at least a 100-nights trial of your mattress. This ensures you’re dealing with a reputable retailer who has your best interest at heart. Along with an easy return policy, and free pillows, ensures you’re getting a good deal at an affordable price.     

Check out this handy guide, here, to help you choose the best mattress for your needs. 

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