Choosing the Best Hospital Bed Mattress: Check out These 5 Tips!

Caring for a loved one at home can be hugely challenging, emotionally and physically. A hospital bed mattress could provide better sleep comfort to your loved one and make your caring duties a little easier. Let’s talk about what to look for in the best hospital bed mattress, how it can help your loved one, and you. 

Be sure to consult a medical professional when choosing the best hospital mattress for your loved ones needs. 

Why Should You Buy a Hospital Bed Mattress?

Medical bed mattresses could offer better comfort and prevent bedsores and ulcers in those who are bed-bound for 12+ hours per day. Many hospital bed mattresses are equipped with perimeter guards to prevent the patient from rolling over and falling out of bed. They can also be easier to clean which makes them a functional and comfortable choice. 

Types of Hospital Bed Mattresses

Hospital bed mattresses are also known as therapeutic or medical mattresses and are suitable for clinic and home use. They come in a variety of materials that you may be familiar with such as foam or innerspring. Consider the length of time the patient spends in bed before making your decision as a bedbound patient will need a more substantial mattress quality. 

  • Innerspring mattresses
      • Most economical choice
      • Constructed with evenly distributed inter-mattress coils
      • Best suited for patients who experience several hours of mobility a day and are not bedbound
  • Foam mattresses
      • Economical
      • Lighter than an innerspring
      • Not as breathable as innerspring
      • Minimal bounce if any 
      • May prevent bedsores and pressure ulcers by shifting the patient’s weight
    • Alternating pressure mattresses
        • Can increase circulation
        • Prevents pressure on tender bedsores
        • Can keep body fluids and lung secretions moving 
        • Typically has side perimeters to prevent the patient from falling out of bed

      What to Consider When Choosing a Hospital Mattress 

      Patient Size 

      A home hospital bed mattress is best chosen in a slightly longer length than the patient’s height. A bariatric mattress may be better for heavier patients and is available in pressure-relieving and foam options. 


      A waterproof and stain-resistant hospital mattress is hugely beneficial for incontinent patients. An antimicrobial mattresses for hospital bed keeps a clean sleep space and is easy for the carer to quickly clean any fluids. A clean bed is just as important as a pressure-relieving mattress for sleep quality. 

      Mattress Life 

      When shopping for a comfortable hospital bed mattress, consider your loved one’s medical condition. Is it a long-term degenerative condition that would require long-term use? Or is the new mattress to aid recovery from surgery or illness over a relatively short time frame? Budget and durability are major concerns when mattress shopping. Always stay within budget and source discount codes when shopping online for greater savings. 

      User Mobility 

      Consider the mobility of the patient when shopping for the best mattress for hospital bed. If using the bed for over 12 hours per day, more sturdy construction and pressure-relieving mattress are ideal. An innerspring mattress is better suited to those who are mobile and spend most of their day out of bed. A memory foam mattress for hospital bed could be ideal for those who spend 12+ hours per day in bed. A quality foam hospital bed mattress has the ability to alleviate bed sores, ulcers, and skin shearing or could prevent them entirely.     

      Patient Movement

      For patients who are at risk of falling out of bed, it is possible to buy a hospital bed mattress that has perimeter guards to protect the patient from rolling off the mattress. Hospital bed guard rails are also a possibility to prevent falling out of bed.   

      Due to health considerations, hospital mattresses are non-refundable products

      What Kind of Mattress Pad Do You Put on a Hospital Bed?

      • Consult with your doctor to determine the best configuration to accommodate specific needs
      • Dynamic mattress toppers change the level of support through the use of inflation/deflation of air or the movement of fluids through chambers within the overlay device
      • Static mattress toppers adapt to the contours of the body, maintain a constant level of inflation, reducing pressure by distributing the patient’s weight over a wider area

      Are Hospital Bed Mattress Costs Refundable?

      Due to health considerations, hospital mattresses are non-refundable products. When searching for a firm hospital bed mattress or used hospital beds, consult with health care professionals to help you choose the best option. 

      Bonus: Do This Before Buying a Hospital Bed Mattress! 

      • Talk to a medical professional for guidance on choosing the best hospital mattress, especially those who are caring for your loved one as they will be familiar with the patient’s needs
      • Consider how long the patient will be in bed every day, more time in bed will require a more pressure-relieving mattress
      • Take your budget into account
      • Ask the patient what kind of bed they would like, with regard to firmness and size


      When recovering from surgery or illness, quality medical bed mattresses have the potential to ease symptoms and create a soothing and comfortable sleep space. It is also relatively easy to find a replacement mattress for hospital bed. An electric hospital bed mattress is suitable for an adjustable base and offers a high-tech and comfortable solution. 

      Can You Use a Regular Mattress on a Hospital Bed?

      A regular mattress is not suitable for a hospital bed and will not be comfortable for a patient with special care needs. While a regular mattress can help someone recover from illness or surgery, a hospital mattress is best used on a hospital bed, particularly in a long-term care setting. 

      What Size Mattress Topper Should I Get for a Bariatric Hospital Bed?

      Bariatric hospital bed mattresses are 36 inches wide. Some hospital bed mattresses may be slightly uncomfortable initially, so a mattress topper can help the patient break in the mattress. A pressure-relieving, cooling mattress topper is an affordable choice for a hospital bed. 

      What Size is a Hospital Bed Mattress?

      The standard size of a hospital bed mattress is 36 inches wide by 80 inches long. If the patient is on the larger size, opt for a larger mattress of dense foam. Hospital bed mattresses are ideal for home use if the patient is in long-term care. The carer and the patient greatly benefit. 

      Where Can I Buy a Hospital Bed Mattress?

      Hospital bed mattresses can be found in medical device stores and online retailers. Ask your care professional for recommendations. Online mattress shopping is convenient and often comes with a free trial, free delivery, and easy returns. Take advantage of online discount codes for even greater savings. 

      What Kind of Mattress Pad Do You Put on a Hospital Bed?

      Foam mattress pads or toppers can be ideal for a hospital bed but may not be suitable for every patient. Especially if the mattress needs to be cleared of fluids and spills. A foam mattress topper can be covered in a waterproof cover but if there is lots of activity on the bed it may come loose too often. 

      How to Prevent a Patient From Sliding on a Hospital Bed Mattress?

      When repositioning patients on a hospital bed a ceiling-mounted lift or mobile lift is of great benefit. An air-assisted lateral transfer device can help a patient get to a more comfortable position. Ensure the sheets are fixed onto the corners and tucked in underneath the mattress.