10 Luxurious Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to Show Your Significant Other How Much You Appreciate Them

Whether you surprise your significant other with a grand, romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day or prefer to spend a quiet evening together at home, the holiday is an opportunity to celebrate your relationship. It’s also a reminder to slow down and show the person you love most just how much you appreciate them. 

Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift is a way to treat your sweetheart to something they perhaps wouldn’t splurge on or think to buy for themselves. A thoughtful gift can encourage self-care, help your significant other relax, or simply spark joy with its beauty—all perfect ways to say “thank you” and “I love you” to your partner. 

If you know you want to spoil your special someone but don’t know what to get, you can take inspiration from these luxurious Valentine’s Day gift ideas. 

1. A Flower Bouquet That Lasts

Recommended: The Dried Bouquet Collection by Urban Stems, $40-$130. Enter your email for free shipping on your first order.

Who doesn’t love the romance of a flower bouquet? Every time your significant other looks at the gorgeous buds, they’ll think of you and smile. But unfortunately, flowers don’t last forever, and they’ll have to toss the gift away within a few days. Or do they? 

Enter dried flowers. Unlike fresh flowers, a bouquet of dried flowers can last for months, giving the recipient a reason to smile day after day. And, they’re just as beautiful. Bouquets made with assorted dried flowers have all the same artistry as a traditional bouquet; they’re carefully curated and arranged, colorful, and perfect for anyone with a sentimental side. 

2.  A Complete Morning and Evening Spa Set from Farm to Skin

Recommended: The Home Spa Set by Farm to Skin, $328. Free shipping for all U.S. orders. 

This all-in-one spa set features everything your valentine needs for a full morning and nighttime skincare routine. Plus, you’ll feel good buying and gifting this set. Farm to Skin hand pours all of their cruelty-free products, uses all-natural ingredients, and promises no animal by-products, synthetic fragrances, parabens, petroleum, phenoxyethanol, or harsh chemicals. 

3. Our Soft and Soothing Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Shop the Nolah Bamboo Weighted Blanket, starting at $199 for our Valentine’s Day Sale. 

You can’t always be there to hug and snuggle your significant other, but a weighted blanket is the next best thing. The Nolah Weighted Blanket has a double-sided bamboo exterior, feeling silky-smooth on one side and like a cozy comforter on the other. Inside, it’s weighted and perfectly balanced with glass microbeads. The pressure from the blanket mimics the serotonin-boosting feel of a hug and will help your valentine stay calm and relaxed as they lounge on the couch or drift off to sleep. 

4. A Monthly Subscription to Ethical, Natural Wines From Primalwine

Recommended: A Primal Wine Club subscription from Primalwine, starting at $85/month. Shipping and tax included. 

Subscription services and monthly boxes are gifts that keep on giving, making them perfect presents for Valentine’s Day. Wine is one of the many luxuries you can now have delivered to your door each month, and Primalwine stands out as a natural wine brand committed to sustainability. 

Primal Wine offers a wide selection of both red and white wines, all sourced from hand-picked, organic, and biodynamic grapes. Their wines are also ethically produced without filtering or fining. 

5. A Loungewear Set Made with Luxurious Cashmere 

Recommended: Men’s and women’s Matching Sets from Naadam, $55-$295 per item. 

When you think “cashmere,” you think of cloud-like softness and the coziest clothes imaginable. Give the gift of total, head-to-toe comfort with a cashmere matching set. Naadam offers a full line of mix-and-match set pieces like sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, tanks, sweatpants, and joggers. The pieces all come in the same color options, so you create cohesive, monochrome looks. 

6. Eco-Friendly Mix-and-Match Candles from Vegan Candle Co.

Recommended: The VCCC Mix-and-Match 3 Pack by Vegan Candle Co, on sale for $70. Free shipping on orders over $70. 

If you share a home with your valentine, you’ll get to enjoy this gift as much as they do. Vegan Candle Co.’s candles create a romantic atmosphere with a delicious scent, and this mix-and-match three-pack lets you choose between eight indulgent fragrances. Your options include Smoky Bourbon, Mandarin Basil, Evergreen, and more. All of the brand’s candles are not only vegan but also cruelty-free, plastic-free, and made with biodegradable natural soy. 

7. Our Better-Than-Silk Bamboo Sheet Set 

Shop the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set, starting at $149 for our Valentine’s Day Sale. 

Sure, bamboo sheets have a glossy sheen and lavish feel, but they're also impractical to own. Most require hand washing and air drying, and products that create more work don’t usually make the best gifts.

That’s where bamboo sheets have the advantage. High-quality bamboo sheets have a luxuriously soft feel and smooth texture very similar to silk, but they’re machine washable and more affordable. Bamboo sheets also keep cool all night, making your bed feel like an oasis of comfort. 

8. This Stunning Slate Bath Tray for Candle-Lit Baths 

Recommended: The Symeon Slate Bath Caddy by Anthropologie, $98. Free shipping on orders $50 or more.

There’s nothing quite as rewarding—not to mention romantic—as taking a bubble bath surrounded by soft candlelight. Whether your valentine likes to sip wine, read a magazine, or just lay back and relax in the tub, a bath try can make the experience all the more convenient by holding candles, glasses, and skincare products as they bathe. This slate bath try will also add an air of elegance to your bathroom’s aesthetic. 

9. An Aromatherapy Towel Warmer

Recommended: The Deeroll Towel Warmer, $139.99. Eligible for Amazon Prime. 

Speaking of bathroom luxuries, an aromatherapy towel warmer is a spa-like amenity that anyone would appreciate as a Valentine’s Day gift. 

Especially in the winter, nothing feels better than a plush, heated towel or robe after a shower. You’ll feel so relaxed as you move through your morning or nighttime routine you’ll never want to get dressed. This warmer also offers the added benefits of aromatherapy, keeping you completely relaxed as you pamper yourself. 

10. A Gorgeous Blooming Tea Set from Tea Bloom

Recommended: The Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set by Teabloom, $79.95. Free shipping. 

Tea isn’t all about the taste—it’s also about the aroma and the relaxation that drinking tea inspires. The Blooming Tea Set adds another dimension to the experience. It includes mugs, a clear tea kettle, loose tea infuser, and a pack of 12 “blooming teas.” The teas feature loose leaves and edible flowers that expand in hot water, blooming into stunning bouquets with a fresh aroma.