More Durable Than Even The Best Memory Foams

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How Durable Is A Nolah Mattress?

When researching what kind of things to look for in a new mattress, one of the most important factors for you to consider is durability — How long does a memory foam mattress last before it starts to lose support, thickness, and the foam inside it starts to breakdown?

While you already know that each Nolah Mattress: 

  • Sleeps cooler than any memory foam mattress
  • Has 4X better pressure relief than memory foam mattresses
  • Is made from CertiPUR-USⓇ certified foams that are 100% free from harmful chemicals and other substances that are bad for you and the environment

      What you may not know is that Nolah mattresses are also proven to be much more durable than even the most high-end memory foam mattresses. Let’s discuss why each Nolah mattress is so durable. 

      Proven and Tested Durability

      The durability of our Nolah Air Foam™ has been proven through rigorous testing with the industry standard ASTM Constant Force Pounding Dynamic Test.

      It’s a test that involves a robotic arm pounding down on the target foam 70 times per minute for a total of 100,000 cycles, which allows you to predict how much support and thickness will be lost over time.

      Nolah Air Foam™ 0.03”
      Ultra High-End Memory Foam 0.09”
      Conventional Memory Foam 0.78”


      As you can see, Nolah Air Foam™ only loses 0.03 inches of thickness after the completion of these 100,000 cycles, compared to the 300% greater loss of thickness in ultra high-end memory foam, and the staggering 2600% more loss of thickness in conventional memory foam!


      A More Durable Mattress Means A Longer Mattress Lifespan And A Better Night’s Sleep


      So what exactly does having more durability actually amount to? I’m glad you asked.

      Having a more durable mattress means:

      • No sagging into the foam over time
      • No loss of spinal support
      • A longer lifespan
      • A much better night’s sleep

        So, by choosing a more durable mattress (such as a Nolah mattress), you’re guaranteeing a much greater return on your investment, as well as an improved quality of sleep that you can count on each and every night you spend on it for years and years to come.   

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        Modernized Mattress Technology

        We took a look at other mattresses on the market when we first set out to design what would become the Nolah mattress. And we were shocked to see that most of our competitors were using severely outdated mattress technology.

        Latex is from the 1920’s, while Memory Foam (what most people still consider the gold standard) was developed in the 1970’s. That makes it over 40 years old! With all the technological developments happening in every other industry and marketplace every day, we refused to believe that this was the best we could do.

        That’s why we created our own, unique Nolah Air Foam™ using today’s most advanced foam technology. It’s produced under extreme pressure, specifically to create billions of microscopic air capsules within the foam, with each acting as individual shock absorbers capable of distributing pressure better than even ultra high-end memory foam.

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