5 Nolah Sleep Products That Make Luxurious Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

On the second Sunday of every May, we take the day to celebrate all the moms in our lives. Whether you’re honoring your mother, grandmother, partner, sister, or friend, Mother’s Day festivities and gifts are an opportunity to recognize their hard work and show them your appreciation. 

A bouquet of fresh-cut flowers will certainly make mom feel special and appreciated, but unfortunately, they have a short shelf life. If you want to get mom something that lasts and improves her day-to-day life, self-care staples are the way to go. 

At Nolah, we believe quality sleep is the cornerstone of health and wellness, both physical and mental. And who deserves refreshing, revitalizing sleep more than mom? Anything you can do to improve her rest will go a long way, making mom feel great every day of the year. 

Nolah specializes in sleep comfort, offering premium AirFoam™️, AirFoam™️ hybrid, and latex hybrid mattresses. We also have a full line of luxury bedding and bed accessories, including these sleep-supporting products that make perfect Mother’s Day gifts. 

1. Our Silky-Smooth Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set 

We’re not exaggerating when we say that new sheets can transform the way you sleep. These soft, breathable sheets feel light and smooth against your skin, making it easy to get comfortable and drift off to sleep. Plus, they benefit from bamboo’s natural temperature-regulating and antimicrobial properties. They stay cool all night and stay fresh between washes. Mom will love climbing into bed and relishing the lavish feel of these smooth, durable sheets. 

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2. The Soothing Nolah Bamboo Weighted Blanket 

Perfect for sleep or snuggling on the couch, the Nolah Bamboo Weighted Blanket offers soothing relief that any mom will appreciate. Borrowing an occupational therapy technique, weighted blankets provide deep pressure stimulation, calming the body and mind. The many potential benefits of weighted blankets include stress relief, sleep assistance, and help with pain management. 

Our weighted blanket also takes advantage of bamboo’s natural comfort and cooling properties. Its double-sided design adds durability and offers two unique textures that will help soothe mom to sleep.  

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3. The Ultimate Adjustable Pillow 

At the end of a long day, mom deserves to rest her head on a cloud of comfort. You may not be able to give her a fluffy cumulus cloud, but you can get her a moldable, adjustable pillow that feels custom-made. 

The Nolah Squishy Pillow features a dual-chamber design and shredded foam, allowing sleepers to remove or add filling and achieve the perfect thickness and firmness. The flexible foam also provides gentle contouring and the shredded design combined with a breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo cover allows maximum airflow and built-in cooling. 

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4. A Luxuriously-Soft Bamboo Throw Blanket

While our weighted blanket offers hug-like cozy cuddling, our Bamboo Throw Blanket provides lightweight cooling comfort for the warmer months. Mother’s Day coincides with the onset of spring, making this breathable blanket a perfect fit.

With durable construction and a simple, fringed-edge design, this throw makes an excellent addition to any couch or bed. Whether she’s curled up in bed or napping on the couch, this throw will help mom sleep in style and comfort. 

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5. Our Cooling Bamboo Comforter 

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Last but certainly not least, we recommend our Nolah Bamboo Comforter as a luxury Mother’s Day gift. Like all our bamboo bedding products, this comforter is breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and oh-so-soft. With a quilted design and crisp white hue, it’ll also add an air of elegance to the bedroom. 

Spoil Mom With Quality Sleep

Anything that supports healthy sleep and relaxation is a gift that keeps on giving. This Mother’s Day, help mom get the refreshing rest she deserves by elevating her sleep setup. 

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