Do you love sleep? If sleeping is your favorite activity, we’ve got good news for you. Everyone knows sleep is important, but getting plenty of sleep can benefit you in more ways than you know. In fact, it is possible that those who sleep more may be better off than those who are getting even just one hour less each night. A full eight hours of sleep each night improves health, behavior, attitude, and more.



wolf sleeping on a nolah mattress watching the sheep go bySLEEP FOR A BETTER MOOD

Sleep and mood have a strong connection. A lack of sleep can result in anxiety, irritability, and stress. A Harvard study found that when sleep was increased, subjects reported drastic mood improvement. Proper sleep helps keep us calm, friendly, and positive.




Squirrel sleeping on a nolah mattress having collected a bunch of nuts for winterSLEEP TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY

Sleep deprivation affects the ability to think thoroughly, while getting enough rest allows for quicker recovery from distractions, less burnout, better decision making, improved memory, and fewer mistakes. The improvement of all of these result in overall higher productivity.




bear sleeping on a nolah mattress catching a fish while asleepSLEEP TO ENHANCE REACTION TIME

The amount of sleep received correlates with an individual’s reaction time. In a study by the sleep foundation, sleep deprived participants saw a decline in reaction time from day 1 to day 2 of the test, while those getting ample sleep between tests were able to improve reaction time. Reaction time is crucial when making split-second decisions, so it is important to prepare the body with plenty of good sleep.




turtle sleeping on a nolah mattress with vegetablesSLEEP TO IMPROVE EATING HABITS

Sleep deprivation can impact eating habits in a negative way; those who sleep less tend to snack more, especially in the evenings. Not only does snacking increase as sleep deprivation continues, but the cravings are typically for fatty foods as well. When tired, the mind may not process decisions the same way, and the consequences of poor eating habits are not considered. By increasing the amount of good rest the body gets, the mind not only craves those fatty foods less, but it is prepared to make better decisions concerning them.




deer sleeping on a nolah mattress with a gorgeous set of antlersSLEEP FOR APPEARANCE

Sleep has an influence on our appearance in multiple ways; proper sleep allows muscle cells to heal, which can result in better muscle growth. Allowing cells to heal through sleeping also benefits the skin, and healthy skin cells help prevent skin conditions.




owl with large eyes perched on a nolah mattressSLEEP FOR BETTER VISION

Although we do not often think about it, eyes work hard each day to move and see. Throughout the day eyes get tired; without proper rest the eyes cannot recover from a hard day’s work. Too much sleep deprivation can even cause vision  issues such as tunnel vision.