Top 5 Bed Frames for Your Nolah Mattress

A mattress and bed frame are like peanut butter and jelly, a satisfying combination that pleases everyone. But, which bed frame will work best with your new Nolah Mattress to provide stability and comfort? Let’s find out which mattress foundation is best for you. 

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Bed frames are available in all price ranges and materials. You could even build your own with wooden pallets

What Is a Bed Frame?

Bed frames are available in all price ranges and materials. You could even build your own with wooden pallets if you feel crafty. Mattress and bed frames work together to elevate your mattress for ease of getting in and out of bed. They provide storage space under the bed and allow vital air circulation under your mattress to keep it clean and fresh. A bed frame can be functional or provide a pleasing aesthetic in your bedroom.  

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Why Do I Need a Bed Frame?

  • Bed frames make it easier for you to get in and out of bed
  • Air ventilation keeps your mattress clean and fresh 
  • A high mattress makes it easier to change the sheets 
  • Additional under bed storage can be useful 

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Different Types of Bed Frames 

1. Platform Bed Frame   

A platform base has wooden slats that support the mattress that make air ventilation permissible. Air circulation under your bed could prolong the lifespan of your mattress, keeping it clean and fresh. The wooden frame and legs are easy to assemble, can be cheap, and stylish. Your Nolah mattress can work well on a slatted base providing the slats are no more than 5 inches apart. 

2. Metal Bed Frames 

Metal bed frames are made of heavy-duty metal, are easy to construct, provide space for under bed storage, and are relatively cheap. The industrial style may not suit everyone but they can add an elegant touch to your bedroom if you enjoy vintage decor. Nolah mattress metal bed frame will work perfectly together.  

3. Box Springs 

Bed frames for box springs mattresses are typically found together as a box spring frame will be designed with an innerspring mattress to complement each other.  A bed frame or box spring depends on your mattress type. If you’re considering using a box spring for your Nolah mattress it depends on how rigid the base is. If the base is old it may sag in places and it’s best for your Nolah mattress to be on a flat surface. A box spring mattress may be suitable for a foam mattress for a short time only.   

4. Bed Sets and Headboards 

Bed frames with mattress can also be found with an additional headboard. A fabric headboard adds a cozy touch to your bed and is comfortable to sit against when you’re sitting up reading or enjoy breakfast in bed. Your Nolah mattress can work well on a solid base and headboard if you choose.   

5. Adjustable Bases 

Traditional beds and bed frames are widely available and affordable. Adjustable bases are a high-tech, modern alternative. Your Nolah mattress will work perfectly on an adjustable base. You can raise and lower your head and footrest at the touch of a button. A massage function, under bed nightlight, and noise-free motor creates a truly modern and comfortable sleep experience. Adjustable bases are typically constructed with reinforced steel, therefore, built to last much longer than their wooden counterparts.    

How Much Do Bed Frames Cost

Bed Frames

Prices for Queen Size 

(How Much do bed Frames Cost Approx)

Platform Bed Frame

Low $76 | High $470

Metal Bed Frame 

Low $79 | High $217

Box Spring 

Low $69 | High $385

Bed Sets and Headboard 

Low $259 | High $490

Adjustable Base

Low $799 | High $3,499


Can I Sleep on a Mattress Without a Bed Frame?

A mattress can work perfectly on the floor, provided you lift the mattress once per week to allow air to circulate through the mattress. Air circulation helps to keep your mattress clean and fresh, lengthening the mattress lifespan. What is the best way to start sleeping on the floor? Find out, here.    

Should I Choose a Bed Frame or a Box Spring?

A box spring will work great with a coil spring mattress. A platform, metallic, or adjustable base will work perfectly with a foam mattress such as AirFoam™or Evolution Hybrid. The choice between a bed frame and box spring depends on your chosen mattress and bedroom design aesthetic, budget, and room size.      

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It’s easy to discover where to buy bed frames because they are so widely available. A quick online search will show many online retailers in a range of prices to suit all budgets. A bed frame for box spring is typically found in sets as a coil spring mattress and box spring are designed to fit together. Although, it is possible to buy them separately too. Many bed frame with mattress combinations can be made but ensure your mattress has a flat surface to lie on. Air circulation is vital to keeping your mattress fresh and could prolong your mattress lifespan.  

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