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Shopping for a new mattress can be daunting but reading trusted reviews can put your mind at ease. Trusted reviews and shopping with a reputable online retailer ensures you’re getting the best deal possible. Trusted Nolah mattress reviews highlight everything you need to know before making your purchase. 

Table of Contents

  • Verified Customer Reviews
  • Quick Overview About Side Sleeping
  • Key Factors for Side Sleepers
  • Nolah's Pressure Relief
  • Cooler Than Memory Foam
  • Additional Side Sleeper Resources
  • Buyer’s Guide for Shopping Mattress for Side Sleeping
  • What are the health benefits of sleeping on your side?
  • General Side Sleeper Mattress Buying Tips
  • Additional Side Sleeper Blog Posts

Nolah Mattress Reviews 

Verified Reviews

“Nolah Sleep has designed mattresses that emphasize coolness and comfort for all sleepers. The 10” Original is the product of expert research and design that leaves sleepers with a 100% temperature-neutral mattress that provides more pressure relief than its competitors. Meanwhile, their 12” Signature mattress gives sleepers more support, cooler sleep, and luxurious cotton cover. Even better? Both mattresses last longer when compared to other memory foam mattresses, so this is an investment that will last.”


“Nolah considers itself a sleep technology company that is looking to improve upon the more common materials used in bed-in-a-box mattresses. They use Nolah AirFoam™ in place of memory foam and a high-resilience foam as a substitute for latex.” “If you tend to overheat at night, the Nolah sleeps quite cool for a memory foam-type bed. I found the Nolah’s AirFoam™ alternative much better in this regard than traditional memory foam.”


“The Nolah Original is an all-foam mattress. The 2-inch comfort layer consists of AirFoam polyfoam, Nolah’s proprietary comfort material. Like other polyfoams, AirFoam adapts and conforms to the body but also feels somewhat responsive and bouncy on the surface. The mattress has a medium feel, but you shouldn’t sink too much if you weigh 230 pounds or less and sleep on your side and/or back.” “Ideal for seepers who prefer the contouring yet responsive feel of an all-polyfoam mattress, people who weigh 230 pounds or less, those who experience frequent back pain and/or pressure point, co-sleepers who awaken easily due to bed noises or movement from their partner.”


“According to our ratings, the Nolah Original Mattress excelled in the pressure relief and noise categories. It also provides very good motion isolation.” “Best for Lightweight sleepers. The Nolah Original provides pressure relief for people under 130 lbs regardless of their preferred sleep position. Shoppers on a budget. The Nolah Original’s mid-range price-point and excellent pressure relief make it a high-value pick.Couples and co-sleepers. The Nolah Original limits most motion transfer and is virtually silent. That means sleepers are less likely to accidentally wake each other as they change sleep positions."


“The AirFoam used in the Nolah mattress is a responsive and temperature neutral type of foam, which should help relieve pressure and keep you cool. Nolah’s shock-absorbing air pockets make it a great option for side sleepers or people with back and joint pain. It’s one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.”


“Their flagship Nolah Mattress makes use of a proprietary foam that has some very interesting properties.  It is immediately responsive, relieves pressure very well, and is also designed to keep people sleeping cool.”“Memory foam mattresses sometimes have problems with trapping heat because of their chemical nature. With the Nolah, this isn’t the case because it doesn’t use memory foam in its construction. The Air Foam is designed to dissipate heat, so people won’t be sleeping hot.”


“Nolah’s technological innovations have given side sleepers a reason to rejoice and their 120-day trial has given them one more reason to buy!”“Side sleepers especially rave about Nolah’s mattress. The pressure relief in heavier areas and temperature neutral top layer create a comfortable night’s sleep. If you are a side sleeper, we highly recommend this mattress.”


“When you lay on Nolah you do sink in and the bed sort of hugs you, but it’s very comfortable. Simple put, the Nolah Original 10 is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers that you can purchase online. There are a lot of other mattresses that we like here as well, but Nolah is pretty much the quintessential bed for side sleepers. If you’re looking for soft foam, maximum pressure relief, extra comfort, Nolah is it.”


Verified Customer Reviews

“After less than a month of owning a Nolah mattress, I feel like a new person. No more waking up two or three times a night, just continuous restful sleep. But more importantly, no more creaking back and hips as I get up in the morning. With the pain becoming a distant memory, I can honestly say I could stay in bed all day it is so comfortable. Love the mattress, loved the ease of delivery and watching it unfold was - well just fun. Very glad I made this purchase.”

– Hilary B. 

“My Nolah mattress is absolutely amazing. It's the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on, my fiancé agrees. We're both primarily side sleepers but we think it's great for any sleeping position. It was perfect right out of the box, it didn't really have a bad odor, it unwrapped quickly and sprang to life in minutes. I haven't had any neck or back pain since I've started sleeping on it (2 months). It's so comfortable I don't want to get out of bed.”

– Sara M. 

“Very disappointed in my self for waiting this long to buy a Nolah. If you care about your body and mental well being do not procrastinate. I have not had a solid nights sleep in years and always woke up in pain. NOT ANYMORE!! Sleep all night and wake up feeling 20 years younger. Thank you Nolah”

– Jacob V. 

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Why Nolah is the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 

Side sleeping is one of the most common sleeping positions in America, but it can be a challenge to find a top rated mattress for side sleepers. Accordingly to one study as much as 74% of all Americans sleep on their side. And no wonder, as side sleeping is one of the best sleeping positions for relieving pressure points on hips and shoulders. However, a soft but supportive mattress is required for optimum comfort, which is often difficult to find. A too-soft mattress may have inadequate support while a too-firm mattress could feel too hard against the sensitive pressure points of the hips and shoulders.  

With this dilemma in mind, Nolah set out to create a top rated mattress for side sleepers that has the perfect level of firmness, is pressure relieving, and comfortable, Nolah Airfoam™. If you ask the experts, sleeping on your side is the healthiest of sleeping positions. It has a multitude of health benefits including aligning the spine, shoulders, and pelvis which in turn reduce pressure points on the neck and lower back. 

Sleeping on your side also helps air circulation for people that snore and have sleep apnea. Another notable benefit is the recommendation by the American Pregnancy Association that sleeping on the side is the best position for pregnant women, especially the left side.

If you want the best mattress for side sleepers, you’ll need to invest in a softer feeling, yet supportive mattress. Although an Airfoam mattress is suitable for all sleep styles, side sleepers, in particular, will appreciate the unique pressure relieving qualities of AirFoam™. 

Nolah mattresses use the newest type of high-resilience, temperature-neutral, pressure-relieving foam. Our modern mattresses do not contain any memory foam and outperform any conventional memory foam mattresses pressure relief, support, cooling, and durability. In fact, Nolah is proven to offer 4x better pressure relief on the hips and shoulders when compared to memory foam. An Airfoam mattress sleeps cooler as Nolah does NOT contain heat-trapping viscoelastic memory foam chemicals.

Key Factors for Side Sleepers 

Before you dive into the full content below, we made a list of the key factors to consider when choosing the best mattress type for side sleepers.

The most critical factor is pressure relief! The second most crucial factor is support and lastly that the mattress must offer a medium amount of body-conforming. You don’t need to sacrifice on comfort when deciding between a firm or soft mattress for side sleepers. Simply ensure to take note of:

  1. Pressure relief on hips and shoulders
  2. Supportive alignment of spine, shoulders, and pelvis
  3. Medium amount of body-conforming

Nolah’s pressure Relief 

Are you sick of waking up sore in the mornings? Are you a side sleeper with a sore neck? Sore back? Or a side sleeper with sore shoulders and sore hips? Are you looking for the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain? Then you could benefit from a new Airfoam mattress that offers pressure relief and superior cooling comfort. 

All mattresses are NOT created equal, so if you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or combi sleeper, finding one that will cater to your specific sleeping preference is vital to both your sleep and your overall health.

So what is the best type of mattress for side sleepers? How about the one proven to offer 4X better pressure relief than even the most comfortable memory foam mattresses.

The Nolah offers 376% less peak pressure (shoulders, hips, and back) and 22% better pressure relief overall, the innovative Nolah AirFoam™ and high-resilience foam construction of the mattress is unmatched by even the high-end memory foam mattresses when it comes to being the best-rated mattress for side sleepers.

Cooler Than Memory Foam 

Memory foam is typically known to sleep hot due to the viscoelastic chemicals within the foam. An AirFoam mattress, on the other hand, is 100% temperature neutral. Giving you the coolest sleep you’ve ever had, compared to even the most expensive memory foam mattress that contains ‘cooling’ additives.  

AirFoam® is crafted from CertiPUR-USⓇ certified foams that are 100% free from harsh chemicals that are bad for your skin and bad for the environment. The breathable AirFoam™ allows your body heat to be released through the lower levels of foam, keeping you cool all night.   

Cooling agents, like gels, beads, copper, and graphic have no proven cooling effect during sleep and are all industry gimmicks designed to camouflage the overheating problem inherent to all memory foam mattresses.

Additional Resources for Finding the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 

In the below sections, you’ll find useful resources to learn more about the benefits of side sleeping, expert advice on how to select the best mattress for side sleepers, best firmness level for you, and buying do’s and don’t’s. 

What are the Health Benefits of Sleeping on Your Side 

It’s proven in several studies over the years that sleeping on your side is the healthiest sleep position. Experts agree that sleeping on your side is healthier than sleeping on your back or stomach. Some of the most notable health benefits of sleeping on your side include: 

  1. Better airway circulations
  2. Spinal alignment
  3. Healthier heart
  4. The best position for pregnant women
  5. Aids digestion
  6. Reduces heartburn
  7. Boosts brain health
  8. Reduces snoring and sleep apnea

Five Expert Advice for Choosing the Best Mattress for Side Sleeping

A pressure relieving mattress is pivotal to sleep health but an adequate pillow is also crucial to maintaining sleep comfortably all night. The mattress needs to be soft and supportive to relieve pressure points and the pillows firm and supportive enough to offer proper neck and spinal alignment. 

  1. Choose a soft and supportive mattress with good pressure relief.
  2. Measure the length between your neck and shoulders to find your perfect pillow height.
  3. For extra lower back support, use a pillow between your knees, or under your knees for back sleepers.
  4. Pillow must be supportive enough to not collapse during sleep.
  5. Make sure the mattress has a medium amount of body confirming. I.e. not so you lay on top of the mattress, but neither do you sink deeply into the mattress. The perfect amount of body-conforming is when your shoulders and hips gently sink into the mattress without feeling stuck.

What Mattress Firmness is Best for Side Sleepers?

Firmness is subjective and depends on several factors. In general, you’ll be most comfortable using a softer feeling mattress with good pressure relief. Mattress firmness is rated from 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest. Choosing the right firmness level depends on body weight. For ease of use, we’ve made a table below explaining the general recommendations for side sleeper firmness based on body weight. This is only a guideline and can vary from person to person.

Side Sleeper Body Weight

Recommend Firmness Level

Expert Advice

Less than 125 lbs

Soft 4-5

Lighter sleepers sink less into the mattress and therefore need a softer mattress with more body-conforming.

125 to 225 lbs

Soft-medium 4-6

Average weight side sleepers typically use a soft to medium feeling mattress. This is a balanced mattress with medium body-conforming, firmness, and feel.

More than 225 lbs

Medium 5-6

Heavier sleepers need a bit extra support and will in most cases find comfort at firmnesses just above medium.

General Side Sleeper Mattress Buying Tips

Besides body weight and firmness level, the material composition also plays an important role in finding the best mattress for side sleeping. Below, we’ve compiled a quick reference guide with tips on how to buy a mattress for side sleeping. The list also includes things to avoid, as these are known not to be ideal for people sleeping on their sides.

Pro Buying Tips

  1. Pressure Relief – Make sure the mattress offers better than average pressure relief on hips and shoulders.
  2. Firmness – The mattress should be a medium firmness. 
  3. Price – Good options are found at less than $1,000 for Queen and King, while the sweet spot for price and quality is typically around the $1,500 mark for Queen and King size side sleeper mattresses.
  4. Sleep trial – Make sure you get at least 100 nights to try your new mattress. It takes 30 to 60 nights to break into any new mattress and for your body to adjust fully to the new feel.
  5. Warranty – Minimum 10 years is advisable and a lifetime warranty is the best. Make sure the warranty cover indentations from 1” and more.

What to Avoid

  1. Memory Foam – In general, memory foam offers little-to-no pressure relief. You may find the material soft and cushioning, but you need more support than memory foam provides to keep your spine aligned as you sleep. 
  2. No sleep trial – it’s recommended not to buy a mattress without a sleep trial. If the mattress does not have a sleep trial, you’ll be taking a gamble as you do not know if the mattress will work for you.
  3. Short or pro-rated warranties – these should be avoided, as they might end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars should you make a warranty claim.
  4. Overpriced mattresses – typically mattress costing more than $2,000 is not worth the price. Even the best materials for a mattress will never cost more than $2,000 in retail, that is unless you pay an outrageous retail mark-up to the seller (which we recommend not to do).

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The best mattress type for side sleepers is of medium firmness, pressure relieving, comfortable, and affordable. If you’re looking for the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain ensure the mattress is not too soft. You want all the same properties as the best side sleeper mattress to ease aches, pains, and help you get a good night’s sleep.

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