How to Cool a Room Without AC: 10 Easy Ways

Living in a hot climate is lots of fun, days at the beach, barbecues and days by the pool. But, when bedtime rolls around, rolling around in a hot and sticky bed is no fun and causes detrimental insomnia. In many countries, an electric air conditioner is standard in every home. If an air conditioner is hard to come by where you live, fear not, we have some tricks and tips to cool your bedroom and cool you down for restful sleep.      

Insulated curtains or honeycomb blinds will keep the cool air inside your home in summer and the warm air inside in winter

How to Cool a Room Without AC

1. Switch to CFL/LED Bulbs

Have you ever noticed heat emanating from your table lamp? All light sources emanate heat but CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) and LEDs (light emitting diodes) could be more energy saving than incandescent bulbs. While they may not make the room significantly cooler, they could put a dent in your electric bill.  

2. Invest in a Misting Fan

A misting fan is an outdoor electric fan that can cool spaces as large as 1,000 sq. ft. Stay cool when working in a garage or having a BBQ on the back porch. It works by blowing air and a light mist of water in your direction. Perfect to keep you cool on a hot day.  

3. Shut Off Computers and Screens When Not in Use

This may seem inconsequential but having electrical devices and chargers switched off when not in use can make a difference. Phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop chargers can get quite hot. Switch them off from the wall when not being used. The same for your devices, if they are plugged in and fully charged, save money on your electric bill by switching off from the wall. You could get a remote controlled extension cable and switch all your devices off with one click of a button.   

4. Switch to Insulated Curtains or Honeycomb Blinds 

Insulated curtains or honeycomb blinds will keep the cool air inside your home in summer and the warm air inside in winter. Reduce summer sunlight in your home by up to 90% with insulated curtains or honeycomb blinds. The drawback is that you will need to have the blinds and curtains closed all day, which may not be ideal, unless you’re a mushroom!

5. Create a Cross Breeze

The best way to cool a house without air conditioning is to get a soothing cross breeze flowing through the house. Open some windows on opposite sides of your home so the fresh air can circulate throughout the house. 

6. Turn Fans Into Exhaust Fans 

A large electric fan pointing outside a window on the upper level of your home can help to push the warm air out during hot days. Open windows and doors on the lower levels to get a cross breeze circulating. It could cool house without ac

7. Switch to Grilling 

Using your cooker in the summer can turn your kitchen into a sauna. Invest in a BBQ and grill to your heart's content every day. Turn your back garden into the social hub of the neighborhood.    

8. Keep Your Blinds Closed 

Cooling house without ac can be as easy as closing your blinds. If you’re out of the house all day, close all your blinds and curtains before you leave. This blocks the hot sunlight from warming your home. When you return, open the blinds and some windows to let some fresh air circulate. 

9. Consider a Dehumidifier 

To make your room cooler, consider a dehumidifier. Humidity in your bedroom at night can make you feel more hot and sticky. The dehumidifier pulls moisture out of the air creating a more fresh sleep space. The collected water can be used to water your plants or for cleaning your floors or car. 

10. Shut the Doors to Unused Rooms 

Closing doors to unused rooms in your home is one of the cheap ways to cool a room. Maximize your energy efficiency by not wasting your cool air from it leaking into unused rooms. 

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DIY Air Conditioner 

To make a DIY AC for $20 all you need is:

  • A cooler  
  • A cheap fan
  • 2 PVC elbow pipes

To construct a DIY AC, complete the following steps:

  1. Remove the front protective plate from the fan so the fan is exposed.
  2. Put the front part of the fan on the styrofoam lid and trace around the fan with a knife, cutting a hole into the lid. 
  3. Do the same with the PVC pipes so you have 1 large hole and 2 small holes cut into the lid of the styrofoam cooler lid.
  4. Put the fan facing down into the large hole on the lid so when switched on, the fan will blow into the cooler box.
  5. Do the same with the PVC pipes, put them halfway into their respective holes.
  6. Fill the cooler ⅔ with ice.
  7. Turn on the fan.
  8. The fan is blowing over the ice in the cooler and the cold air is escaping through the 2 pvc elbow pipes.  

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Bonus: How to Keep Your Bed Cool at Night 

Heat-Proof Your bed 

  • Freeze a water bottle and place it underneath your feet before going to bed
  • Dampen your sheets before bedtime
  • Pop your pillow cases in the freezer before bedtime

Let the Night Air In

  • Make the most of refreshing hours and crack the windows before you go to bed
  • Set up the fan strategically to force the perfect cross breeze

Sleep Low

  • Sleeping closer to the ground is cooler than sleeping on a tall bed 

Purchase a Cooling Pillow 

  • A cooling pillow can instantly lower the temperature around your head, neck and shoulders 

Use Breathable Sheets 

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A cool room in the height of summer is thoroughly refreshing. Building a diy air conditioner to keep your bedroom cool saves you money. It’s also satisfying to build something with your own two hands, it’s easier than you think. 

For a bed air conditioner is similar to a hot underblanket, it can cool you in summer and warm you in winter. It will change the temperature of your bed instead of the temperature of your entire room. 

If you’re considering having air conditioners installed on your home, when choosing a one room air conditioner start in your bedroom. Restful sleep is almost impossible to obtain in a hot bedroom. Cooling your home doesn’t need to be expensive, there are many cost saving alternatives to choose from. 

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How to Cool a Room Without AC

Cooling a room without ac is easy, open the window and door to the room and another window on the other side of your home. This cross breeze will cool down your room (and home) in no time. An electric fan set on a low setting could keep you cool as you sleep. 

How to Stay Cool in the Summer?

If you have ceiling fans change the setting so they run counter-clockwise, pushing more wind currents into your rooms. In winter, the blades will run clockwise so the cooler air is pulled upwards. Open all the windows and doors in your home to get a cooling cross breeze flowing throughout.  

How to Cool a House Without AC

Close all curtains or blinds in your home to prevent the sunlight from heating your home. Avoid cooking inside, opt for grilling outside when you can. Change your bulbs to no heat light bulbs and unplug all electrical devices that are not being used. A simple electric fan could prove sufficient enough to cool you as you sleep. 

How Does AC Work?

AC units are a home central heating system which can also provide cool air throughout your home. They can dissipate cool or warm air through a duct system or, you could have individual electrical units in each room that run on individual cylinders. These cylinders are easily replaceable and the units are easily installed.  

How to Cool Down

Drink a refreshing cold glass of water while sitting in the shade. Wear light clothing, preferably cotton, and have cool showers often. Sit with an icepack on your forehead for instant cooling relief. Suck on some yummy popsicles and always wear a sun protectant cream or lotion even when it’s not sunny outside.