The Best Place to Buy a Mattress Online (Buying a Mattress Online 101)

When it’s time to buy a new bed, you’re probably thinking about browsing the stores on your day off. But, you don’t have to waste your precious time walking through stores when the best place to buy a mattress is online. Online you can read a wealth of information about different types of mattresses and what is appropriate for you.  You can read through and learn about hybrid mattress vs. all-foam mattresses, 10 inch mattress vs 12 inch mattress, plush vs firm mattress and many more important pieces of information to help your decision making process.

Buying a mattress online is cost-saving, time-saving, and ultra-convenient. We’ll show you how to find the best deal in our mattress buying guide.   

Table of Contents 

  • Different Places to Buy a Mattress   
  • Online Mattress Companies
  • Amazon Marketplace 
  • Hybrid Stores
  • Mattress Showrooms 
  • Departments Stores  
  • Buying a Mattress Online vs. In-Store 
  • Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Mattress Online 
  • Trial Period
  • Return Policy and Delivery Fee
  • Price
  • Length of Warranty 
  • Cooling / Breathability 
  • Your Sleeping Position 
  • Best Place to Buy a Mattress Online 
  • When is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Mattress? 
  • Conclusion  

Different Places to Buy a Mattress   

Online Mattress Companies

The best place to buy a mattress online is a dedicated mattress and bedding retailer. As opposed to large retailers who sell homewares and other goods. A dedicated online mattress store has more choice and knowledgeable sleep experts to help you choose the best mattress (at exceptionally low prices too). The best online mattress companies will offer a trial for at least 100 nights, you won’t get that from a brick and mortar store!

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon has a wealth of choice and could be a good place to buy a mattress if you know exactly what you want. It’s doubtful that you’ll get a mattress free trial from Amazon, and the warranty may not be as long as the one you get from a dedicated online mattress retailer. The best way to buy a mattress is to start with a little bit of research so you know the mattress style you’re after. You may not find the best deal and warranty on Amazon but it’s a good place to start your research.  

Hybrid Stores

Hybrid stores are typically physical establishments but you may find some online. A physical store will give you the option to see the mattress before you buy it, but expect to pay higher prices in physical stores.  

Mattress Showrooms 

When buying mattress online vs in store, you can expect more favorable prices online because they’ve cut out the expensive middlemen. While the showroom will allow you to lay on the bed (like many people before you) it’s not a true comfort representation of the mattress. You may feel pressured by the sales staff and have to pay for delivery, unlike online retailers. Additionally, mattress showrooms could make it difficult for you to make a return when you find the mattress is unsuitable. Unlike online retailers who offer a free return.  

Departments Stores 

You can expect a similar shopping experience buying a mattress in a department store as you would in a showroom. Department stores will have a tiny corner of the store for mattresses, so not much choice. They will also be of similar expensive prices as showrooms. Considering where to buy a mattress comes down to price and durability, buying online is much cheaper and convenient. 

Buying a Mattress Online from Nolah vs. In-Store 


Physical Store

At-home sleep trial 

5-minute in-store try

Guaranteed long lasting pressure relief 

Questionable firmness reliability 

Free delivery 

$199+ delivery fee

Compact shipping box, easy for one person to handle 

Ships full size needs a minimum of 2 people to handle 

Super easy and fast set up 

Difficult to set up alone

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Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Mattress Online 

Trial Period

When it comes to the best place to buy a mattress, one of the most favorable elements of buying online is the in-home trial. Trying the mattress in the comfort of your own bedroom for at least 100-nights ensures you’re making the right choice.  

Return Policy and Delivery Fee 

Online retailers have more beneficial features for customers, not just higher quality mattresses but with free delivery and easy returns. The ease of shopping makes online the best place to buy a mattress.


Online retailers don’t have huge expensive showrooms or sales staff to maintain, which inflates the price of the mattress. Shopping online for a new mattress saves you money and with free delivery and easy returns, it’s convenient too. 

Length of Warranty 

Along with high prices, physical mattress stores offer flimsy warranties. Often making it almost impossible to return the mattress should you find it unsuitable. Online retailers are transparent and give more favorable warranties than physical stores.   


The best online mattress companies will offer temperature neutral mattresses that bring you cooling sleep. A hot mattress is a nightmare that can bring insomnia and could impact your physical health too. Not getting quality, cooling sleep at night leads to exhausting days. A temperature neutral mattress tends to have a longer lifespan as the mattress allows air to circulate, keeping it fresh.   

Your Sleep Position 

Discover your sleep position before making your mattress choice. This will allow you to choose a mattress that will offer you the most comfortability. A mattress that is made for all sleep styles may not give side sleepers pressure relief where you need it most, in the hips and shoulders. 

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Best Place to Buy a Mattress Online 

The best place to buy a mattress online is a reputable online retailer such as Nolah, who offer a mattress trial in the comfort of your own home for 120-nights. With free delivery and easy returns, along with some of the cheapest prices available online, it’s a fast, cost-effective, and convenient way to buy your new mattress. 

When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Mattress? 

  • Black Friday is synonymous with mega discounts, huge sales, and could be one of the best time to buy a mattress. It’s a great time to buy a discounted mattress (first Friday after Thanksgiving)
  • Cyber Monday brings massive discounts online for mattresses and bedding (first Monday after Thanksgiving)  
  • Presidents’ Day sales usually occur every February, a great time to grab a bargain 
  • Seasonal Sales occur typically when retailers are updating their inventory to bring in new styles and ranges and could be one of the best time of year to buy a mattress. You could get massive discounts at this time on ‘out-of-season’ bedding


Shopping for a new mattress doesn’t need to take too much of your time. You work hard and want to spend your valuable free time with loved ones and having fun. Not trawling around mattress stores, wasting gas, getting stuck in traffic, only to have a salesperson stand over you, creating a high-pressure situation.  You can narrow down all the options to what may be best for you such as the Nolah Signature Queen.

The best place to buy a mattress is online in the comfort of your own home, the same place where you get to try your mattress for free from an online mattress retailer. Shopping online gives shoppers more rights, extended warranties, free delivery and easy returns, and above all, a mattress of comfort and quality.