The 4 Best Types Of Bed Frames For Your Nolah Mattress

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One of the most common questions we hear from customers when they are purchasing the Nolah mattress is, “Will this mattress work with my current foundation or do I need a special bed-frame to put it on?” That's when we get to tell them how we designed the Nolah mattress: to easily be used on any foundation, box spring, slatted frame, adjustable bed frame, or any other flat surface you might think of. The benefit to you is that you do not need to change your current foundation (unless you want to!).

So if The Nolah can go onto any bed-frame, what are some of the options? For first time bed buyers, one thing to keep in mind is that a firm foundation is important to provide better comfort, stability, and to help extend the life of the mattress. What you want to keep in mind when shopping are things like: cost, personal tastes, material, stability, size, and durability.

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While plenty of people have bed-frames already, others will be taking their first steps in the bed purchasing process, so let's have a peek at the bed frame types that the Nolah can be used with:

1. Flat Platform

The flat platform bed frame is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It generally has a headboard, and sometimes a footboard, and is typically made from wood. These platforms have a raised, solid flat surface in which you place the Nolah mattress onto. Easy peasy! This style of bed-frame is typically lower to the ground, the flat surface often only raised a few inches, so bear this in mind when thinking about how high you would like your mattress to sit. Some have short legs to raise it off the floor, others are solid around the base, and some will have storage/drawers built into it to increase its functionality.

2. Slatted Bed

The slatted bed frame is nearly identical to the flat platform, though in place of the solid wood surface, there are wooden slats (to be no more than 3-4 inches apart) that provide support to the Nolah. These can come in a wide variety of heights and can be used with a box spring in conjunction with the wooden slats. Most will come with a headboard and footboard already attached.

The slatted base is often built from wood, though there are some simpler options made from metal. These metal bases are typically constructed so that you can bolt a headboard and footboard to them, giving you more options and versatility.

3. Box Spring

Most people are already familiar with box springs, as this style of foundation has been around for a very long time. Usually used in conjunction with a metal and wheeled base for easy moving of the bed around the room, it is built from a wooden frame and filled with many metal springs which can help firmer mattresses feel a little softer as the flexing and moving of the springs as you sleep provides that comfort. The box spring will also raise your mattress and can be used on top of any other type of bed frame to raise the height of the mattress if you prefer your mattress being a little higher.

4. Adjustable Bed 

The Nolah mattress works well with these adjustable bed bases because of their unique ability to conform. So if you like to sit up to watch TV or read at night, or need to sleep with your legs elevated a little, the Nolah will move along with your adjustments.

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There are several (thousand) bed frames in varying styles and price points, and so when shopping for your bed frame, it becomes a matter of your own personal choice and financial conditions. Since The Nolah has no special requirements, you have the freedom to shop according to style rather than be limited by need, so shop away!


Check out our Top 5 Recommended Bed-Frames for Your Nolah Mattress



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