Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

A mattress is an everyday essential item and with so many options, come varying prices. 

It’s important to note that price and quality are not mutually exclusive, meaning you don’t have to overspend thinking it will bring you a higher quality mattress. We want to make your mattress shopping a little easier by explaining why some mattresses cost so much, and how you can get a better deal today for greater sleep comfort tonight.    

Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

Mattresses can be expensive because they are a long life product. A quality mattress ought to give you maximum sleep comfort for up to 10 years. The cost will depend on where you shop and the mattress materials. Mattress shopping online is significantly cheaper than physical stores because online retailers don’t have huge showrooms or sales staff to maintain.   

Physical Store Pro

Physical Store Con

Online Store Pro

Online Store Con

Can see and touch the mattress

Pushy sales staff working on commission 

Significantly cheaper than physical stores 

Don’t get to touch the mattress before delivery

Can take the mattress home same day

Will charge for delivery and return

Free delivery and easy returns

Impossible to price match

At least 100-nights trial

Can price match online to find the best deal

Discount codes available 


When you consider what is the markup on mattresses you’ll quickly realize that shopping online is better for your wallet and your peace of mind

Is Buying a Mattress in a Physical Store Worth It?

Mattress shopping in a physical store has its positives. You can see the mattress with your own eyes and lay on the mattress for a short time to test it out. You can also take the mattress home that day if you can fit it in your car. The touch factor and bringing your mattress home that day is the positive side of mattress shopping in a physical store, however, there are some drawbacks that you ought to consider; 

  • Physical mattress stores mark up their prices significantly to cover the cost of maintaining their showrooms and sales staff
  • They often charge huge rates for delivery 
  • They often make your return so challenging that you give up and keep a mattress that is not comfortable and damaging to your sleep health 
  • You get to test the mattress for a few minutes in the store while other shoppers walk around you and the sales staff stand over you    

When you consider what is the markup on mattresses you’ll quickly realize that shopping online is better for your wallet and your peace of mind. Shopping in a physical store means you have to travel there, get stuck in traffic, take time from your job or your day off. With a busy work/personal life schedule, this is not possible for most people.  

A quality mattress will provide a level of sleep comfort that could improve your physical health and well being

How Much Does a Mattress Cost?

Why do mattresses cost so much is a typical complaint. When you consider how much time you spend in bed, over 30 percent of your life. A quality mattress will provide a level of sleep comfort that could improve your physical health and well being. 

‘You get what you pay for’ is a true sentiment in many circumstances but you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a quality mattress. Some beds, like our AirFoam™ mattresses, are designed and produced from years of research and development, but they keep costs down by removing the middlemen from the equation.

Therefore, no huge showrooms, no pushy sales staff, just a mattress retailer delivering high quality at a low cost straight to your door. 

Mattress Cost by Material

Mattress Type 



From $549


From $999

Memory Foam 

From $700


From $999

Coil Spring 

From $500


From $300

Above all, the mattress must provide pressure relieving comfort  

Okay, But How Much Do Mattresses Really Cost?

It can be difficult for shoppers to discover how much do mattresses really cost when some brands repackage the same mattress in a different style of cover, give it a new name, and send it to different retailers. This is an awful practice for shoppers’ because they can’t price match.

When shopping in a physical store and you see a mattress for $1,800. You’re not getting $1,800 worth of mattress, you’re getting less than half that because the store has marked up the price to gain a profit. The profit keeps the store open, pays for sales staff, rents, stock, delivery drivers, advertising, etc. 

It is a common business practice to mark up products to gain a profit. The profit allows the business to function and keep its doors open. This is significantly higher when it comes to physical mattress stores because;

  • They need to pay rent to keep the showroom
  • They need to pay sales staff, assembly staff, drivers, etc
  • They need to pay for advertising 
  • They need to pay for inventory 

Some mattresses are expensive because of the materials and design such as some memory foam mattresses, hybrids, those with cooling gels, and copper. These additional frills can add to the cost too but may not necessarily add to their comfort.   

Are Expensive Mattresses Worth It?

Your budget will dictate how much to spend on a mattress, whether spending thousands of dollars on a mattress is the best option for you will come down to your personal choice, and if you find comfort on the mattress. Above all, the mattress must provide pressure relieving comfort.  

Are expensive mattresses worth it will depend on your comfort level, both mattress comfort, and wallet comfort. As we’ve seen the mattress profit margin in physical stores is staggering. While we can understand that businesses must make a profit to survive, many mattress retailers online offer significantly lower costs for the customers’ benefit. 

Shopping online is safe and gives you far greater benefits because they’ve removed the costly middlemen; 

  • Lower mattress cost online 
  • Trial period
  • Free delivery and easy returns
  • Some offer free pillows             

How much does a mattress cost can depend on the materials used in its construction. It is possible to find a coil spring mattress for under $200 but is it durable enough to last 10 years and provide comfort every night? 

It’s also possible to find expensive memory foam mattresses at $2,000+ and the same quality concerns apply. This is why shopping online and enjoying a free trial makes your choice so much easier. 

If you’re considering how much is a used mattress worth, this could be an option. Your local classified adds may have used mattresses for sale. In this instance, it may be better for your sleep health to opt for a financing option with an online retailer. This way you’re enjoying a brand new mattress made for you. 

A used mattress may save you some money but may not provide pressure relief as it’s been worn out by someone else.    

The best mattress for your money will be of reasonable cost, provide pressure relief, cooling comfort, and be durable

What Is the Best Mattress for the Money?

The best mattress for your money will be of reasonable cost, provide pressure relief, cooling comfort, and be durable.

A new mattress ought to provide essential sleep comfort for at least 10 years but you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. Brands like Nolah bring high quality AirFoam™ mattresses straight to your door from as little as $549.

Their innovative design that is free of memory foam, offers premium comfort at an affordable cost because they bring the mattress directly from their factory straight to you.  

You’re probably wondering why is memory foam so expensive and this is because of the processes involved in making the foam. It doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality therefore, take care when buying certain memory foam mattresses as most sleep hot and may not provide the essential sleep comfort of other, more modern materials.    

A mattress is an everyday essential item like a toothbrush or a car! And such, it’s durability is an important factor to consider

How Much to Spend on a Mattress

Only spend what you can afford on a new mattress and never be pressured into overspending. This is why shopping online is so much more beneficial for you because you don’t have a salesperson pushing you into a decision so they can earn a commission. 

If your chosen mattress is slightly out of budget, your online retailer ought to offer financing so you can spread the cost over time.  

Tips for Buying a New Mattress

  • Only spend what you can afford or ask your online retailer if they have a financing option
  • Enjoy at least 100-nights trial to test the mattress in the comfort of your own home and not a 5-minute test in a showroom
  • Online discount codes can get you an even better deal
  • Ensure your retailer offers at least a 10-year warranty
  • Opt for a retailer that gives you free delivery and easy returns
  • Above all, choose a pressure relieving, cooling mattress that is durable from a reputable retailer


A mattress is an everyday essential item like a toothbrush or a car! And such, it’s durability is an important factor to consider.

Your sleep comfort has a knock on effect in your everyday life. It’s difficult to function to the best of your ability after a bad night’s sleep. Therefore, a premium, low cost, pressure relieving mattress could improve your sleep health and quality of life. 

Shopping for a new mattress online is more cost effective than physical retail stores, you enjoy a trial in your own home, free delivery and easy return process, and often come with free pillows too. The financing option from an online retailer helps to spread the cost over time, so the pressure of making such a large purchase is relieved, just like the pressure relief you’ll feel on a new mattress!

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