$10 For Our Heroes Donations and Founder COVID-19 Message

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to stifle ordinary life as we know it, we here at Nolah, like everyone else is trying to adapt to this new reality.

On our side, the entire Nolah team has been working from home since early March, and even though everything is still running as usual. We are impacted by the many local state "stay at home" orders affecting our US-factories and suppliers. We also experience an increasing need to safeguard our employees using social distancing measures across our entire organization. 

In addition to the measures we're taking internally, we want to help where it matters the most - at the front-lines! Our hospitals and healthcare workers are fighting a relentless war against an invisible enemy. While I'm cautious not to use unnecessary strong rhetoric, looking at what our healthcare system is currently dealing with, I think it's no understatement that this is a healthcare crisis of unseen proportions. 

We can't sit passive - it's our duty to act and stand together as a nation to help the brave men and women doing everything they can to help our sick and those infected with COVID-19. We as a nation need to direct our resources to the front-lines and that's why we are launching our $10 For Our Heroes donation program.

The program consists of two new Limited Edition Nolah mattresses and a $10 donation from every purchase going directly to hospitals in the worst-hit COVID-19 areas in America. More information below.

See the Limited Edition 10 and the Limited Edition 12.

Nolah's $10 For Our Heroes Donation Program

Our $10 For Our Heroes program is simple – for every Limited Edition mattress sold, we donate $10 directly to hospitals in the worst-hit COVID-19 areas. The hospitals can spend the donation as they see fit to protect their healthcare workers and to conduct lifesaving research that we hope will lead to new cures and vaccines, sooner rather than later.

Every dollar count, and while we can't control how the hospitals spend our donations, we send them a loud and clear message to spend the donations on protective healthcare equipment for their workers and direct COVID-19 cure and vaccine research!

*See the list of Nolah's hospital donations at the bottom of this post.

To ensure we raise the most amount of donations, we will temporarily stop the production of our two existing Nolah mattresses and instead replace the 10" Original and 12" Signature with two identical Limited Edition mattresses. 

Can I still buy the 10" Original and 12" Signature mattresses?

Yes, you can, but only while supplies last. We will clearly mark each mattress if it's out of stock. If a mattress is out of stock, you can pre-order, and we'll email you the expected delivery date – or better yet, order one of the Limited Edition mattresses and get it delivered in just days. 

Are the Limited Edition mattresses the same as the 10" Original and 12" Signature mattresses?

Yes, they are!

The new Limited Editon mattresses are identical to the two existing Nolah Original and Signature mattresses, except they have a new snow-white full-wrap cover. Besides the cover, everything else on the Limited Edition mattresses is 100% identical, including the construction, foam layers, comfort, support, and our award-winning cooling pressure-relieving AirFoam.

What about the prices?

Yes, that's a good question!

We have removed most of our profits, and with the new snow-white full-wrap cover, we can produce the mattresses at a slightly lower cost, which we pass on directly to our customers.

The price of the Limited Edition mattresses is rock-bottom and will never be seen again!

What about the 120-trial period?

We'll still be offering our 120-night mattress trial on the Limited Edition mattresses, so regardless if you buy one of our normal Nolah mattresses or one of the Limited Editions mattresses, you still have our 120-night trial!

Can I opt-out of the 120-night trial?


To meet demand, from an increasing number of customers, you can now opt-out of the trial period. We do this to make the Limited Edition mattresses as accessible price-wise as possible because so many are currently experiencing economic hardship. It has always been our goal to offer quality comfort at a reasonable price, and with many families worried about their financial and job situation, we want to extend a helping hand to those in need of a good night's sleep at best possible price. With even more families being under mandatory "stay at home" orders and spending more time in bed than ever before, quality sleep is the best remedy to cope with stress and anxiety when it starts to sneak up on you.

We want America to sleep well during a crisis, and we are therefore doing everything we possibly can to make the Limited Edition mattresses as accessible as possible.

And yes, while we are selling more mattresses than usual, we're passing most of our profits back to our customers and front-line hospitals! No one here at Nolah is getting rich by profiting from this terrible crisis! We're all under lockdown and staying at home trying to navigate these unsettling times as best as we can.

If you don't like what you read here or feel offended by our initiatives, please do not hesitate to send us your feedback on support (at) nolahmattress.com or jump on the live chat to talk with one of our in-house Nolah experts. 


Mattress Model


Normal Price

Current Discount

Discounted Price


120-Night Trial Opt-Out

Total Saving

Two Free Pillows

$10 For Our Heroes Donation

10" Original






Not possible to opt-out of trial

Yes ($198 value)


12" Signature






Not possible to opt-out of trial

Yes ($198 value)


10" Limited Edition






$650 (No trial price)


Yes ($198 value)

Yes - $10 donated to hospitals

12" Limited Edition






$1,034 (No trial price)


Yes ($198 value)

Yes - $10 donated to hospitals

Hospital Donations - updated monthly

April 2020

May 2020

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June 2020

  • Donations pending

    Have a hospital you think should receive a donation?

    Send us your suggestion at support (at) nolahmattress.com with the Email Subject "Hospital Donation Suggestion".


    Warm regards,

    Daniel Galle


    Founder & CEO of Nolah Sleep


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