Nolah’s Foam Mattress Is The Most Advanced

The foam mattress is not a new concept, nor is buying a mattress in a box (in Europe anyway, us Americans are still getting used to the idea). What is a new concept, however, is Nolah’s take on the typical foam and latex mattresses. Instead of dealing with the mattress options available at local stores, Nolah took to the drawing board to create a mattress that is revolutionary.

Now Presenting The Nolah Foam Mattress

Stable Sink

Sinking into the foam bed and not being able to turn to a new position is a common complaint with foam mattresses. Moreover, firmer latex mattresses are known for super-elasticity, giving some sleepers a tough time getting down and comfortable. Nolah meets you in the middle. Nolah created an air-infused solution to keep sleepers near the top of the mattress, avoiding the resting rut.


This air-infused foam we speak of is proprietary to Nolah. Essentially, the mattress is comprised of billions of individual air cushions that act as shock absorbers. Instead of moving out of the way (as traditional foam), the particles give back some support in order to avoid sinking.

Four Times Less Pressure On Hips And Back

Traditional memory foam, although comfortable at first rest, is terrible for your hips and back. The lack of support causes your body to fall with gravity in ways that it shouldn’t ever rest. Since the air pockets help keep the sleeper stable, the hips and back feel four times the relief.

Consistently Cooler

The air pockets are not temperature sensitive, so the mattress remains at a cooler temperature than traditional foam beds. This means that the heat energy from your body is not absorbed into the mattress and doesn’t rely on the exterior temperature, so you’ll maintain a cool bed throughout the year - even through Colorado’s craziest seasons.

Do you want to try a Nolah bed? We offer a 120 night trial. Order your Nolah mattress in a box today.