What Does It Mean To Have A #Nolahdventure?

The #Nolahdventure started with a way for us to identify the many things someone can do after they’ve had a peaceful, good night’s rest on our Nolah mattress in a box. Do you get it? We combined Nolah and Adventure to create something unlike anything else: the Nolahdventure.


The Nolahdventure is anything you want it to be. It’s a place to see, a thing to do, or a way to feel. Yes, we believe feelings can be adventures!

The Elements Of A #Nolahdventure

Feel The Energy

The main driving force behind any great Nolahdventure is high energy. This energy enables you to kick it into high gear at work, play outside with your family, ace your latest college exam, take your dog for a walk, climb a beautiful Colorado 14er, or explore the Amazon rainforest; truly, this can be anything you set your mind to do. You’ll notice an increase in energy when you pay attention to healthy sleep habits.

Clear Your Head

Waking up after a good night of rest means your mind will be ready for the day to come. The excess stressors of lacking sleep are gone, and you can focus on what you need to get done. The best part is you’ll see an increase in your motivation when you live the Nolahdventure lifestyle. That means you’ll have the desire to keep up with your favorite hobby after work or even start a new one.

Maintain Positive Intentions

Life is great when you have a positive outlook. There’s nothing like starting off the day on the right side of the bed. A good mood is infectious. When you wake up feeling ready to go, your co-workers will notice, and you’ll find that the days fly by as you enjoy every moment.

Are you ready to feel the greatness of a #Nolahdventure? Start by sleeping on our innovative mattress in a box, and the rest will come naturally.