Product Review: C by GE - A Bluetooth Lightbulb

I am always keeping my eyes and ears open to new tips for better sleep, and let me be one of the first to tell you that General Electric is on the right track.

There are a few common elements to a good sleep. First, be consistent with your sleep routine. Second, help yourself to a dose of healthy sleep by eliminating harmful artificial light at night when your body needs to prepare itself for rest. Thankfully, GE is making this second element even easier to accomplish with their “C by GE” invention.

“Introducing C-Life and C-Sleep. The connected LED light bulbs that go together like day and night, and make it simple to get light that always feels good,” says the C by GE website.

I signed up for the starter pack and received four bulbs for about $50. It’s a little pricey, and my fiance was not too pleased that I jumped at this opportunity to buy light bulbs that cost more than $10 each. (Spoiler: He loves these bulbs now).

The starter pack has four bulbs: The two C-Life bulbs are meant for living areas, and the C-Sleep bulbs are meant for the bedroom. We screwed in the bulbs like normal, laid down on the bed, turned on Bluetooth, and were alerted to the bulbs’ signals.

The easy-to-use C by GE app recognized the bulbs.

Now, the fun begins.

The bulbs have three different light colors and can all be dimmed to 10 different shades of light. That means I can control my lights to 30 different colors by lying in my bed, sitting on the couch… wherever I may be… and using an app. How cool is that?

Essentially, these bulbs are designed to aid the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

The “Wake Up” scene has a bright LED color to simulate the sunrise and get the body ready for the day. When my alarm wakes me in the morning, I turn it off and then open the app to turn on the lights. In the two weeks that I’ve had these bulbs, I’ve seen a significant decrease in my natural instinct to hit snooze.

The “After Work” scene has a duller LED light but is still bright enough to see anything I may need to. These bulbs give off a yellower hue and are most like typical light bulbs.

The “Bedtime” scene has a very low light level and a red hue, which simulates the sunset and helps the circadian rhythm prepare for sleep, nurturing the body’s instinct to produce melatonin.

I can switch between any of these scenes, create different scenes (such as a movie scene), and adjust the dimness of the light by using my smartphone.

Finally, we are grateful to GE for creating these bulbs for the technology that supports our bodies’ natural instincts rather than tear us away from more sleep by amazing technological distractions.

If you’re looking for tips for better sleep, consider purchasing your own starter kit of C by GE bulbs. You won’t be disappointed.