Is Your Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot? 11 Solutions & Alternatives

Memory foam mattresses have been a staple in the industry for many years and come in many variations. Although many people enjoy their memory foam mattress, a typical complaint is that they sleep hot due to the viscoelastic chemicals they contain.  

If your memory foam mattress sleeps hot and you’re struggling as a hot sleeper, there is hope in finding cooling relief with these simple tips and tricks.   

The viscoelastic chemicals are also the reason why memory foam sleeps hot because your body heat is unable to escape the mattress.

Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses Hot?

Memory foam mattresses may suit people who live in very cold climates because they retain body heat. The viscoelastic chemicals of the memory foam material within the foam give it its ‘memory’ and why your body indentation springs back as you move. The viscoelastic chemicals are also the reason why memory foam sleeps hot because your body heat is unable to escape the mattress. 

Memory foam mattresses sleep hot because;

  • Its dense structure 
  • Increased blood circulation because you’re too hot
  • Lack of breathable materials
  • Viscoelastic chemicals 

Problems with Memory Foam Mattresses

  • They Reflect Heat: the unbreathable material stores your body heat and reflects it at you, it also keeps your sweat on the surface of the mattress, which is why you wake up feeling sticky   

  • They Can Cause Night Sweats: sleeping in a warm room while sleeping on a memory foam mattress could lead to sweaty nights, causing wet bedclothes and pajamas

  • They Can Make You Uncomfortable and Disrupt Sleep: memory foam is typically not immediately responsive, as you move around it takes a few seconds for the mattress to spring back, a pressure relieving mattress could be a hot mattress solutions

If your memory foam mattress too hot, it could be down to lack of airflow under your bed.

Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot? 11 Helpful Solutions

Promote Airflow Underneath the Bed

If your memory foam mattress too hot, it could be down to lack of airflow under your bed. Under-bed airflow is essential in keeping your mattress cool. If you use under your bed for storage you’re impeding much needed airflow, use an alternative storage solution to keep your mattress cool and fresh.  

Use Breathable Sheets 

Sheets for memory foam mattress will be made of a breathable material such as bamboo or organic cotton. Cooling fibers could be more beneficial to your sleep comfort and considering memory foam mattresses typically sleep hot, cooling sheets and blankets could offer some night time relief from night sweats and sleeping hot. 

Use a Cooling Pad or Topper for Your Mattress 

If your memory foam too hot, a cooling mattress topper could be an easy solution. Down and alternative mattress toppers are light and fluffy and in some cases could be more breathable than memory foam. They come in a range of sizes and are an affordable option than changing your mattress. 

Use a Cooling Pillow 

Pillows can sometimes be an afterthought when we are mattress shopping. However, a quality, breathable pillow can offer much sleep comfort. A pillow that comfortably supports your head could ease neck pain, and breathable material could provide a more cooling sleep experience. If your memory foam mattress is too hot, try a cooling pillow.    

Choose the Right Pajamas 

Just like choosing the right mattress, sheets, and pillows to bring cooling relief. The right pajamas could make you feel cool as a cucumber too. Soft and luscious organic cotton or linen pajamas are more breathable than heavy fibers. 

Keep Lamps and Electronics Away From Your Bed

We love electronic devices, they bring us lots of fun and entertainment but keep them out of the bedroom where possible. Electronic devices emit heat (think of how hot your laptop or tablet gets on your lap, especially when charging) this heat in your bed could contribute to sleeping hot at night. 

Drink Water Before Bed 

Some say drinking water before bed could provide some relief from sleeping hot and perhaps it does, however, you may find it a nuisance to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. This will interrupt your sleep cycle and could impede your sleep health. It may be more beneficial to drink water throughout the day.

Change the Temperature in Your Bedroom 

If your memory foam too hot, lowering the temperature in your bedroom could bring cooling relief as you sleep. Although as you’re walking around your room you may need to adjust to a cooler bedroom when you’re in bed under the covers you’ll feel the cooling benefit of lowering your bedroom temperature.   

Try a Different Sleep Position 

Sleeping on your side is the healthiest sleep position, it eases acid reflux, eases snoring, and is favorable to your digestive system. It’s also the best sleep position for sleeping cooler at night because your body has less contact with the mattress. Along with a breathable mattress, pillow, and pajamas, side sleeping could be cozy for you.   

Promote Airflow in Your Bedroom 

Fresh air in your bedroom is vital to your sleep health and comfort. Open your bedroom window during the day and another window on the other side of your house to allow a cross breeze. Ensure under your bed is clear from storage items so your mattress will get a good air out too. 

Always look for a pressure relieving mattress that is made from breathable materials

Invest in a New Mattress

A new mattress is a big investment in your sleep health. Always look for a pressure-relieving mattress that is made from breathable materials like natural latex or Nolah AirFoam™. AirFoam™ is the product of years of research and development and is proven to provide better cooling, pressure relieving, and durability than memory foam. 

How to Cool Down a Memory Foam Mattress: Tips and Tricks     

  • Enable airflow under your bed
  • Use breathable bed sheets and blankets 
  • Try a mattress pad or topper
  • Use a cooling pillow 
  • Wear breathable pajamas
  • Keep electronics out of your bedroom as much as possible 
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Adjust your bedroom temperature
  • Try sleeping on your side 
  • Promote airflow in your bedroom
  • Invest in a new cooling, pressure relieving mattress  


When your mattress is too hot, it can cause unbearable discomfort and insomnia. Opting for the coolest sleeping mattress is a viable option for sleeping cooler at night.   

The best mattress to keep you cool at night will be made of a breathable material, unlike memory foam mattresses which typically sleep hot and aggravate insomnia.   

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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Hot?

Memory foam mattresses contain viscoelastic chemicals that retain body heat. Therefore, are typically known to sleep hot. The dense memory foam does not allow airflow through the mattress in the same way as say, AirFoam™. Sleeping hot on a memory foam mattress is a typical complaint and could lead to insomnia.    

How to Keep Cool on a Memory Foam Mattress

Although memory foam mattresses typically sleep hot, it is possible to find some cooling relief. A down or alternative mattress topper could add a layer of cool comfort, breathable sheets, and pajamas made of organic cotton that could add even more layers of comfort to your memory foam mattress and help you get more refreshing sleep. 

Memory Foam Mattress Problems and Solutions

A major complaint that is heard from people who sleep on memory foam mattresses is that they sleep too hot. As memory foam and foam mattresses contain heat trapping chemicals, it is no wonder most people feel hot and sticky on them. Try a down mattress topper, wear breathable pajamas made of cotton, and allow fresh air into your bedroom.