What Does Noah Mean?

Choosing a name for your little bundle of joy can be a stressful time for many parents. Mother wants a modern unique name while Father would like a more old fashioned, stable first name. You buy lots of baby name books, research online, and still can’t settle on a name.

You don't need to resort to calling them boy or girl until you figure it out, a short and sweet baby name that’s #1 on babycenter.com in 2019 and 2020 is Noah.  

Noah is a boys’ name and pronounced NOH-ah, meaning rest and comfort. Allegedly derived from Hebrew and Babylonian roots, Noah is consistently ranked top boy baby name in America.  

In the numerology of baby name Noah, the destiny number is 2 and means your little Noah will be a natural peacemaker, cooperative in nature, intelligent, and detail-oriented. 

The soul urge number is 7, meaning your Noah will be strongly connected to nature and have a strong spiritual awareness. They will love to explore and be very thoughtful and intellectual.

The personality number of Noah is 4, meaning they have a strong focus in their endeavors while being practical. They are calm and prefer to take paths in life that are proven to be stable, tried, and true.   

Noah is a biblical name because, in the bible, Noah was instructed by God to build an Ark for Noah’s family and pairs of animals and birds before God sent the great flood, and the world began anew. While those aboard Noah's Ark were all safe and sound. 

Biblical baby names are always in vogue and include; Aaron, Elijah, Gabriel, Adam, Ezekiel, Isaac, Jacob, to name but a few. 

How to sign Noah in American Sign Language (ASL) 

Noah in Hieroglyphics

Famous People Named Noah

Trevor Noah, Noah Centineo, Noah Whyle

The female counterpart of the name Noah is Nolah, it’s rarer but equally beautiful.