Shouldn’t I try Nolah before buying?

Not necessarily. Our Nolah mattress fits more than 98.6% of all sleepers trying it for the 120 night trial period.

That you have to try a mattress before buying it is a common misconception. Think about it for a second; how much value does it really give you to try a mattress fully clothed in a store for 5 minutes during the day? Not much.

So that’s why we instead offer you the opportunity to try Nolah risk-free for 120 nights in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t love Nolah after the first 30 nights and before the 120th night, you just request a return using the email form on our Contact Page and we send somebody to pick up Nolah again. Select the subject "Request Return" in the email form. And yes you get 100% of your money fully refunded! No hidden fees or gimmicks, just straightforward mattress shopping.