What size Nolah mattress should I buy?

That really depends on your personal preference, but below is a couple of guidelines.

  • Twin – Most used size for many adults and children under 5 feet 10”. It also fit in most trundle and bunk beds.
  • Twin XL – Same as the Twin, but longer. Its great for adults above 5 feet 10” or for those that just wants more space to stretch on.
  • Full – Most spacious size for single sleeper adults and children. Its wider than any Twin, but quite tight for two adult sleepers.
  • Queen – Most popular size for two adult sleepers. Its wide and long, providing a good sleep surface for couples.
  • King – The widest of all mattress sizes. It’s the preferred choice for two adults liking to spread out and people sleeping with pets or couples with kids.
  • Cal King – The longest of all mattresses. It’s great for two adults and couples that prefer length above width.